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Chris - as you can see she complains bitterly about her living conditions . These cushions were separate. The one in the bottom is a little big for the bed, hubby was saying they didn't have the one that is the right size. But as it happens, Lily just loves the fact that she snuggles right down in it and it's moulds itself to her.

Violetene and Amy - thank you so much . She certainly has taken to her new bed.

SunLee is a complete member of the family now. She's doing great. She's the sweetest little girl. She always sleeps right next to me, in bed, and plays with Simba all of the time.
Hope - I'm so happy to hear the SunLee has settled in nicely . What a perfect mommy you are to help her adjust like that. She sounds right at home now! and Simba has a new playmate

Awww Ari - Lily sends loads of "thank you" headbutts