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Kahu is going to be the death of me!!

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Last sunday, Jake gets up, feeds Kahu and goes to work. Then I get up a little later and do my thing. About 4 hours later, I realise I haven't seen Kahu and so I go to his usual hiding spot and he is not there. I start looking around for him and I get frantic when I realise I cannot find him!

Then I thought I better look behind the dryer. Sure enough, he was there and looking up, all innocent. Jake had left the cooler in front of the dryer and Kahu took that opportunity to get up and behind. (he cannot jump that high)

And just now, I was in another frantic search - this time Kahu wasn't behind the dryer which made me more scared!!

And I find him sitting in the cupboard.

My heartbeat has yet to return to normal!
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He just likes to keep you on your toes! Cats are good at that....
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...poor Kellye..
that´s good heard that Kahu is fine!
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Every kid's job is to drive their parents insane
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Happy to hear he is fine too ... Scary isn't it when they just seem to disappear..
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Kellye! Jamie gives me at least one of those scares a week. I couldn't find him anywhere last Thursday, and was sure he'd gotten out. It turned out that he was sleeping behind some canisters on top of the kitchen cabinets (which he "never" does).
Sometimes I think a "homing device" wouldn't be a bad idea, even inside.
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Look at it as occupational therapy as it keeps you from gettting bored
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I started teaching Gar and Festie when they were very young, to come when called. I call "Here, kitty, kitty" and when they come they get treats.

Unlike a dog, I still must reinforce with treats. It works real well if I shake the plastic containers with treats in them! (Of course, the dog chewed up the last plastic container...so this morning I had to bribe them with leftover hamburger...)

Not a perfect cure for "hidden kitty syndrome", but it works a good part of the time!
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Seems like Kahu has discovered the game of hide-and-seek!!!
Pretty soon you will have discovered all of his hiding spots!
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Awww! Kahu sounds like such a sweetie. I can just imagine you frantically searching for him and then this sweet little innocent face pops up!
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What a cutie! I think cats love doing that do their owners...
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