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Re: Future Cat Sepetation..

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I'm not sure where to post this but I'm going to have a problem soon. I live at home and will be moving soon. Last year we found a litter of Kittens and I kept a kitten and so did my mother. They are sisters and have been together since birth, never seperated. In a few months I'm going to be moving across country and getting married. ill be taking my one cat with me, while the other one stays home with my mother.

How do I seperate them? I'm so worried that they will be looking for each other.
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I think what you're really asking is "how can I reduce the pain of separation?" The cats will miss each other, but I think you can do a little to reduce their stress level at the separation by not making a big production of it. Cats pick up on their human's emotions and if your emotions are at a fever pitch theirs will be also.

Another idea is to keep an article of bedding or something else with the other cat's scent with each cat after they're separated, so they can smell the other cat's scent. What do you other guys think? Will this make it better or worse? Would it be better just to make a clean separation with no reminders of the other cat left behind?
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I was wondering about this too.. Now that I have a full time job I can start saving to move out eventually(though not across country) and Im worried that now that Shadow is getting so attatched to Finnegan its going to be hard to seperate them.. Shadow was originally mine but my mom has kinda stolen him from me.. lol I'd love to take him too but I don't think she'll let him go! I know I want to get another kitten for Finnegan eventually but I don't want to just give him a replacement brother. Ah.. Such problems.. lol
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Just bumping this up because I only have a few months to figure out what to do
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