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i know that this isnt related but, i had braces and got them off not long ago, everyday when i brushed my teeth they would bleed (the gums that is) so i kept on switching toothpastes between the sensitive ones and i told my orthodontist that the problem was getting worse and she couldnt understand why.
Since ive had my braces removed which was back in april i have only had one light mouth bleed from brushing my teeth.
i think it will be good to go to get a second even a third opinion
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Is there really a problem with mouthwash? I started to get Listerine because the dentist told me that I had the start of some disease - i.e. gingivitis or something ... I thought it wouldn't hurt to try to disinfect my gums. I will have to ask him when I go back for a cleaning on Thurs. I would have never known it , but evidently if they stick sabers/pitch forks or other sharp objects at your gums when you are there and they bleed a bit, then you need about $2000 of work. I told them I thought I needed a gentler Dental Hygenist.
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I think dentists have screwed my teeth over when I had that kind of coverage. My teeth have been fine for years and probably had more work done to them than they needed. It makes me mad thinking of it. Get a second and third opinion from a dentist you can trust. I don't know how you can do that though.
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