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Have just registered !

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Hi, I'm a French lady and I'm glad to have found a forum where I can share my passion for cats ! I am married with no children. Our only child for the moment is Pitoune, our 7 year old female cat. She belongs to the Korat breed (a breed from Thailand) and is a darling. She is grey all over.
Compared to all the other cats I have ever had, she is very different. She has a strong personality and knows what she wants. When she has decided that she wants to play with us (she hates to play on her own and she will rarely do it), she will meow, meow, meow until we've had it. Then, we are so fed up that we give in. Like a child, I say !
She needs a lot of attention and is always asking for affection. When my husband or myself are typing at the computer, she sometimes comes in front of the screen, like to say "don't you think you have much better to do than type ?". She is never far from where we are. If we type at the computer, she will sleep on top of it. If we watch TV, she is sometimes on top of it too ! If I am doing the dishwashing, she sometimes stays right behind my heels. She sticks to us like glue. We feel she needs us.
She even acts a bit like a dog sometimes. For example, when we come home from work, she comes meowing to the door to greet us. It's really adorable. Well, that will be all for this time about Pitoune. Otherwise, I am going to write a novel ! I hope to hear from you other cat lovers and your cats of course !!
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Welcome to The Cat Site!

Pitoune sounds wonderful! I would love to see pictures. (Even though I haven't posted any yet... shhhh!)

I only have 1 cat, also. The infamous "Spawn". She's a proficient mouser and sock killer.

It's nice to have you aboard!

~ Jin
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Welcome! I hope you find our site a fun place to visit. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.
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Awww your baby sounds gorgeous!! I love the Korat breed - very elegant looking! Welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy yourself!!
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Bonjour et bienvenue!

I look forward to your posts!
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Welcome to The Cat Site! It's a wonderful place!
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Welcome to TCS. Sounds like you have a wonderful kitty!
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I just obtained a new cat (5 years old) a Himalayan Blue Cream (all grey), her name is Francesca (Frankie) and she is only 6 pounds. The reason the people were getting rid of her was their new puppy was harassing her. She seemed to be depressed for the first few days we had her and wouldn't come out from hiding for a few days but she is out now for my husband as well as myself and loves to play. She seems to sleep alot but that's ok. She didn't eat much yet but maybe just getting used to new home (I got the same food that she was eating at her previous home). I hope to learn alot on this site. We had a dog that passed away in June (16 years old) and we needed to have another animal around (couldn't bring ourselves to do another dog). Talk to you soon.
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Francesa. First of all welcome to TCS. Please post often and tell us of your adventureswith your fur children.

Secondly, CONGRATULATIONS on your new adoption. It is wonderful that you gave this little feline a new home - one that will be loving and safe.
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Cyber Moukette,

You'll like it here, people are so friendly and we all love our furbabies/ cats! I always wanted a Korat when I was a kid. They're beautiful. Yours sounds so darling, and obviously loves and adores you and your husband just as much as you both care about her. She sounds so so cute.
I have one cat as well, Abu. He's a shaded silver chinchilla persian. He's my baby, I've had him from the time he was born in my bedroom closet.

I too am so happy for you and your new family member/ kitty. It's so good of you to help a feline in need, and it sounds like your care is paying off with a healthier happier himi. My persian sleeps a whole lot too. I think that's normal.
Welcome welcome. You found a good site.
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Welcome to the best site on the web!

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Welcome to you! Hope you enjoy it here!
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Hi Cybermoukette

Welcome here.. I only just jioned a few days ago myself... I'd love to see pics of your cat. One of my cats- Gucci was adopted from a cat shelter, but he looks like a Korat except for his while belly :-)
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