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I found out about this forum from Debby at the Chins and Quills.I actually do not own a cat at present but would like to get one. I used to have cats and love them. I always had a bit of an allergy to cats and have recently heard that some breeds are better than others. Such as the Siamese and Cornish Rex and Devon Rex. I would welcome any suggestions. Thanks
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Elinor....glad you have joined us!!!! I told you this was a great site! And it's okay if you don't have any cats right now...all we require is that you love cats...lol

Welcome to the forums!!!! Many people here have allergies to cats, and still keep them as pets...I'm sure many people will give you some more advice about that.
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Welcome to the forum! Hmmmm. No cats, huh? We'll have to remedy that. LOL. I'm sure there's some lil' feline at the shelter that could use rescuing. As for what breeds are less adjetative to purrsons w/ allergies, I am unsure. But, I do know that there is a pill that helps w/ animal allergies, but I can't remember where I saw it.
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Welcome Elinor!! If you don't have a cat but love them..this is the place to be. Yes, any of the rex breeds seem to be a little easier on allergies. Also the Spynx, but all of them are very energetic if you are up for the challenge. There are a few people here who like the Siberians and they say that they are easy on the allergies too.
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Thanks for the welcome. You are right there are many cats in the shelters that need a home and I would not mind a grown cat at all. The kittens usually go first and I have always had mixed breed cats and they were great. I do like to learn about the different breeds though and I have never heard of a Siberian. I would love to hear about them. Thanks

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Judy Miller who is a member breeds the Siberians. Go to this link and theres a little info and a link for pictures. They are beautiful cats!!

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welcome elinor

i'm new here too, i only found this forum/site a few days ago and already it feels like home

no cats, hey ? believe me, after a few days here,
you're going to be thinking about not getting just one cat, but 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or more hehe

welcome again
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Welcome Elinor!

Do you have a chinchilla (not the cat type ) or a hedgehog? I wonder how they would get along with a cat...
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Everyone here is so friendly.Anne yes I do have a chinchilla and she is a sweetheart.I dont know how she and a cat would get along. She is in a cage and only out at supervised times in the evening so if there was a problem I guess the cat would have to be in the other room for a short while.

And welcome to you as well blue. How many cats do you have?
And thanks to Sandie for the website on Siberians. I am going there when I leave here.

And another thankyou to Debby for sending me this site. Your right it is great!
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I'm glad I mentioned it! We are all glad to have you here...and I think you'd be okay with the cat and the chinny, as long as you had the cat in another room when the chin was out. I don't have that problem, (of course) with my hedgehogs....once was about enough for my poor kitty to get stabbed by those quills!!! She keeps a good distance now...and just stares at them, when they are out...with her tail twitching.
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