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Sneezing a lot

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My kittie, Kiki, seems to be sneezing an awful lot, she sneezes every hour or two (she only sneezes once at a time so it isn't bothering her or anything). Does anyone else have a sneezy cat ?

I also posted a thread a while ago ab out her snoring. (titled noisy breathing) maybe the two are related ?
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Has she been checked over by a vet?
Are they dry sneezes or wet sneezes?

Could be sinus or allergy problems.
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Is this all the time, or just lately?
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my new cat often sneezes too, actually she makes this weird "chuffing" noise that's sort of a sneeze, kind of a chuff.

it doesn't sound wet, it sounds dry.

PS - i love the word chuff.
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It's kind of a wet sneeze, but not a really snotty one ! she never has a runny nose or anything either. She did have quite runny eyes until a few weeks ago, which got better by themselves.

I think it's been going on for a month or so, but can't really remember. recently though it's got more frequent
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If it's going on for a month, it might be a sensitivity to an odor or dust in your house. Check around your place for dust, carpet deodorizer, air freshener, perfume, scented litter, dusty litter, etc. Cats are much more sensitive to smell than people, and the artificial fragrances can cause sneezing. I recall one cat that was sensitive to a certain brand of bathroom cleaner, and sneezed every time it went in the bathroom.
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Actually, it could be the litter. We changed from grit to sawdust a few weeks ago and that could have been around the time that it started. Plus the kitten has been weeing all over the place since we got that litter so maybe that's what the problem is.
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Yeah, I'd say that's your prime suspect.
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