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After Buster and Snowflake passed I thought i would never heal, I came here and was comforted by you all through words of prayer and kindness. I came back with more grief for Poe Poe and Lilly and Black boy and so many others who never knew the love that was awaiting them in my heart, and now, I read all of these posts and simply cry. i can not find the words of comfort that were provided me in my time of loss and pain. I cant find in my heart what will make everything okay because i have yet to let go myself. I would like to say to all here, thank you. This time in life is hard, at 25 I have lost more animals than some of my friends have ever owned, and you all have encouraged me to continue, although the heart ache will still come with each loss, the fulfilment of each one loved makes it easier to say goodbye.