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Donna's 4-legged family

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maya linn

mollie rose


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Donna - What beautiful cats! I love maya linn's eyes, and Carly looks so soft. Thanks for the pics. It's always nice to see everyone's "family."
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Thanks for posting them Hissy.

Dawn, Carly is very soft and loves being brushed. Maya Linn was rescued from San Juan Airport in Puerto Rico. She does have the prettiest eyes and loves to "talk". Casey is my "bubba". He's going to be 7 on Easter Sunday and Mollie Rose was my very first cat. She came from Vermont and will be 8 years old on Mother's Day.

I two other cats that I will post once I get pictures. I think you've seen MooShoo, my Sphynx (hairless). He has such a wonderful personality and loves going for rides in the car and walks on his harness outside (in the summer only, of course). Faberge is my little calico munchkin who has developed a great personality after coming from a breeder who kept her in a cage her entire life. I showed her in cat shows for a little while but she was very unhappy so I stopped. As a matter of fact, I stopped showing my cats altogether as it got too expensive. I've come to the conclusion that although it's fun to do, cat shows benefit breeders mostly so they can sell and show their purebreds. I did meet alot of wonderful people though. But...you can't send the ribbons you win to your creditors.
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you furry critters are just sooooooo adorable and huggable
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Donna - they look so beautiful!
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Donna, where is MooShoo?
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Here he is! Weighing in at 10 1/2 pounds too. The only picture I'm missing is Faberge which I will post when I return from Michigan.
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All of your cats are cute! I admit, MooShoo is very cute ..... But, sshhhh, don't let the others know!
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That's not a dog...

It's a cat...

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Thanks everybody for your compliments. They are all really great cats. And TIPTOP, no need to apologize. Alot of people ask me what kind of dog he is. I just say he's a catdog and laugh.
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

And yes, I do take very good care of my babies. They're my kids!
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You have very beautiful kitty cats ! It's quite obvious that you love them very much.

Doggie too :laughing2 Just kidding! :laughing2

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MooShoo acts like a dog too! He loves going outside even now (although I don't think he realizes it's freezing out). He loves being around people. When I get back from Michigan, I'm taking him to my best friends house to celebrate Christmas a little belated. Her kids love him. I have never seen a cat with such a unique personality.

Thanks for the compliments!
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All of your beautiful cats look very happy and content.
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You have very beautiful cats, Donna.
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I think your cats are soo cute! I bet it wasn't hard for them to pose for the camera. I'm sure they all have unique personalities too!

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