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hi there!

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Hi there, i dunno if anyone will remember me.I joined a few months back but had pc problems and had to register again.My name is janine and i have a gorgeous young cat called lily.Last time i wrote on here i discussed with you some behaviour problems she had.Well im happy to tell you all that shes doing really well now and isnt as silly as she once one.

I suppose i'll tell you all about her again because you probably wont remember her.Anyway i bought her from a cat shelter in october last year.She was the quietest one there and i fell in love with her instantly.Unfortunatly poor lily has half her lip missing,nobody knows how she did it but people guess she might have been run over.When we brought her home she was very naughty,always running around the furniture and scratching the sofa so i wasnt very happy.She was only young so it is understandable that shes a bit hyper.

Anyway, iv noticed a great change in her lately she no longer runs around like a maniac as much as she did.Shes also become very clingy with me which i dont mind cos i love having hugs from her.She is an indoor cat which im very happy about because sadly most of my other cats ended up getting run over.

Anyway hi everyone and im glad to be back sorry that was so long!
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Welcome back to you and Lily. How wonderful of you to give Lily a happy furever home. We'll look forward to pictures.
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Thanx for the nice welcome,im struggling on how to do pictures and signatures and things any help from anyone would be much appreciated.
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Welcome back to the site Janine! Sounds like Lily is just growning up from a hyper kitten to an adult cat.
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Hi and welcome Back dear Janine to TCS!!!
your name is sooo cute!
And hope you soon put pic´s of Lily!
See you on the forums !!!
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Welcome back!
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Welcome to have you and lily back Can't wait to see pictures
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Welcome back Janine. My Lily sends lots of purrs to your Lily
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Welcome to TCS -- Janine and Lily!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hello and welcome back!!!

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Welcome back I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio
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Welcome to TCS, janine&lily!
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