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Hi everyone! I am now in Singapore. Will be posting pictures as soon as I know how or if I can do it from here.
Does anybody know where kateang is? Wish we could meet and make this the first Asian TCS get together!
Who else is from Singapore?
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How exciting, Yayi! I don't know where kateang is, but it would certainly be great if you both could meet!

I can't wait to see your photos! I hope you're having a wonderful time!
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Hope your having a fab time Yayi
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Ooo sounds like you're having a great time out there - I hope you'll get piccies posted real soon
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Hi, I am in Singapore but will be flying to Bangkok tonight. I dun know where kateang is. Did you got the spelling right? Of what I know, I have only meet 1 Singaporean in this forum, but she is seldom here.
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hi there, i am from singapore too.. i think the place u are looking for is Katong, not kateang. it;s somewhere in the central eastern part of singapore.
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Have fun!!
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I can try and get a hold of Kate for you if you want.

Edited to add - I sent her a message and hope she gets a hold of you.
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We went to Singopore a few years ago, saw a snake charmer down by the waterfront and the zoo is really cool!
Hope you have fun there
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Exciting. I can't wait to see pictures
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Hi guys,

sorry to have gone missing for such a long time... been really tied up at work... anyway, I've managed to speak to Yayi over the phone and though it's a short conversation, it's great!!

Will be trying to meet up with Yayi while she is here. *Will call you soon!*
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Originally Posted by boxedfish
hi there, i am from singapore too.. i think the place u are looking for is Katong, not kateang. it;s somewhere in the central eastern part of singapore.
Hi there!

kateang is a member here at TCS.

Awesome Kate & yayi!
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no worries... if you are free, join us tonight!
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i wished i could, but not tonight, i;ll join if u guys do meet some other days...
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Hope you're having a great time, Yayi! Looking forward to your pics!
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i will be in singapore from 30th august, any one wanna meet up then?
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i dun mind meeting!! oooo... then u can celebrate my bd with me too!
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when's ur bday? I'm going to be in singapore for four days then doing a tour from singapore to thailand.
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oopss... gonna be in the mid of sept... let me know when you are coming then we can meet up! PM me
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Ohhh have a fab time!

I went to Singapore in 1999 - the shopping places are amazing! And Raffles Hotel too
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thats where were staying! (for one night at least!) any tips on where to go?
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Kateang and I met and it was like meeting a close friend. It was great!!! Will post pics soon. I'm at the airport on my way to Manila!!!
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Can't wait to see pics.
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How exciting Yayi. I hope you're having a great time. I can't wait to see your pics.
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hey i'm from singapore too.. hope you enjoyed your stay here..
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I'm glad to hear you managed to meet! I never realized we had so many members from Singapore, other than Kate.
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hey jcat,

you're not the only one who is surprised! There used to be only me from singapore...but i'm glad there are more ppl from singapore..
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hi Kateang, now u know u have more friends from singapore.. Heading down to the FFSS cat show this comin july 17?
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where's that gonna be?
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