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My kittens where born on May 23. I have looked at the baby calender and they said by July 3 they should be weaned. Well they smell the cat food now and act interested. I went and got kitten food and its chunky? I tried to feed them and the mother ate it. Didn't give them time to try and she has food out constantly. Can I take her away to feed them or will she need to show them? She is a first time mother. The kittens are still sucking but the nipples looked a little flat. This is the first time for me with kittens and the mother is a stray. So I just need some help. They are already bathing themselves and play fighting they are darlings. There even attempting to run. I am leaving this Sunday until July 5th and I want to be able to give my mother instructions. (She knows nothing about them either) The calendar said fully weaned by July 3 and I won't be here. Should i feed them now?

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Can you get the pate-style kitten canned food instead? Mix it up with a little warm water and let Momma cat show they how it is done.
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Gosh I love this forum that was real quick. Should I go ahead and do it now or right before I Leave. Whats the longest she could feed them? That would be some what normal for a first time mom. Again thanks
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I would go ahead and start them on it now so when you leave, they will be used to it and your Mom (bless her heart for pet sitting for you!!) won't have any problems getting them to eat.

I love this Forum too ... for many reasons.

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You can also get a small can of KMR as well as Step 2 and mix those together following the instructions- this encourages the little ones to go off the milk and gets them ready for solid food- it is made to be lapped up out of a plate or bowl.
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Mine were born 5-21, and I have put out dry food for them but they don't show much interest either. I think the moist food is a good idea, but remember not every baby follows the calendar. If they are way off, that can be a problem. But as long as they are in range of normal, it is ok.

And even a first time Momma usually begins to spend more time away form the babies as they grow up, and they will begin to eat solids.
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Thanks everyone. I will try the advice you all have gave. In just a little over 6 weeks if all gos right they will be going to there new home. I have found loving homes for them. They seem to be good other than they are not real big as far as height and length but they have big bellys. Maybe this is normal and its ok to feed them. Again this is my first time
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