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Road Trip: Planning our move, maybe meet some TCS folks?

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Although we still don’t know exactly when it’s going to happen, we’ve started planning our move to the Denver area. I am buying a 94 Explorer and we already have a 92 Range Rover; with both of those, we should be able to move the cats. We’re going to use a moving service where you pack your own stuff in a truck trailer and then the company rents out the rest of the space in the trailer to haul products, Tybalt used this to move from CA to PA and it worked great. It is cheaper than a U-haul, too. Tybalt has taken to calling our journey “Project Arkâ€.

Our route looks like it will take us across PA, and through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska, then into Colorado. For most of the way, we’ll be on I-80. We’d love to meet TCS people on the way, if possible, and also this would give the cats a chance to stop moving and chill out for a little while. These look to be the major cities we’ll be passing near:

PA: Pittsburgh
OH: Youngstown, Warren, Parma, Elyria and Toledo
IN: South Bend and Gary
IL: Oak Lawn, Wheaton and Aurora
IA: Davenport, Iowa City and Des Moines
NE: Omaha and Lincoln

Are there any TCS folks near any of these places?

Our thoughts so far are to have the cats harness and leashed but uncaged in the back of the SUV’s, with a litterbox and food/water available, as well as cat beds/baskets. If anyone has any suggestions for us regarding long (27+ hours) car travel with (almost 3 dozen) cats, it would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping that we can adopt out at least 10 of them before we leave. If any TCS people along the route would like to adopt, PLEASE let me know!!!!
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WOW! How exciting that u'll be moving to Denver, Co!

Unfortunately I don't live near where u will be travelling so I can't offer u a place to chill with ur cats.. I'm sure many TCS who live near where u'll be travelling will offer though!!

So Tybalt will be moving with u to Co or just helping with the move? I know u guys must be really nervous about moving/travelling with the cats. Have the cats travelled in cars before? If not, maybe u can start taking them on short trips to get them used to this before moving? That might help make it easier for u all and also to see what would work the best with the cats? Also, maybe spray the car with feliway to help cats relax a bit?

I want to wish u the best with the move and will keep my fingers crossed that the move goes well, that u get the job u dream of, that everything will work out regarding cats and ur life...

Keep us posted!
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It looks like he is moving with me. I tried. LOL.
Some of them don't mind the car, Phoenix loves it actually and so does Arthur. Buffy detests it. Feliway is an awesome idea, I hadn't thought of that, and I am a big fan of Feliway!
For those who've used Rescue Remedy, would it be good to add to their water bowl?
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Line the bottom of the carriers with disposable diapers or puppy pads and don't worry about litter pans. Don't let you cats out of the carriers unless your car is fully closed up, or you are in the hotel room. Freeze several small containers of margarine of *your tap water* try and keep it as frozen as possible, and set a container out for each at the beginning of the day, so they don't have to get used to other water. Because you are going to have everything in boxes- tape plastic bags full of dry food on top of each carrier for ease to find it, or keep all bowls, cans, foods etc in one box and easily accessible. Don't feed your cats heavy first thing in the morning- have some pepcid ac on hand if they get car sick- and if you stay in hotels hang out the do not disturb signs and clean your rooms yourself. Check into pet screens for your windows so you can leave your windows down for air safely and the cat's can't get out.
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Thanks, MA, those are all great suggestions!
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I agree that cats loose in the back of the SUV isn't a good idea. Unless you will have a barrier between the back and front, so no one can slip out when you stop for gas etc.
Wow, three dozen cats! Thats a lot to move! I hope some can find new homes before you go. I am way north of I-80, or it would be fun to stop by and say hello, or have you lay-over here!
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Sue & Tybalt, wishing you both the best of luck with the move.
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