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The reason I won't put him back is because its extra weight. Plus I gotta say I'm a bit attached.
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curious... if you bring him to the wildlife rescue place and they do want him what are you going to do with it?

it may seem liike it, but im really not trying to start anything, i am just thinking what is best for the bird. It sounds like the bird isnt hurt at all anymore, you said it could stand up right?
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Originally Posted by Ilovecats

Update: He went potty now. Good signs are coming. He's starting to come out of the shock he was in when we found him. He's even starting to move around a bit. What a strong baby!

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Just an FYI (if you are in the US) if this bird is of an invader species such as english sparrows, or starling, a rehabber will not likely want it.
If it is a native species, it is protected under federal law, and keeping this baby, even with the best of intentions can get you into trouble.

That said, here are some great care resources:




How to locate a wildlife rehabber
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Cassie- Thanks for all the kindness.

Other then standing for feedings, he just sleeps all day. He is still weak. The mom isn't coming. I will update tonight on how he's doing, and we will try again tomorow.

I'm trying not to overfeed him, he's so small.
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You're a sweetheart for taking an animal in that was injured and in need of assistance

When I lived at home we had a family of squirrels that lived in a treehouse I had made in shop class for birds

One summers day I came home from school to find one of the baby squirrels on the deck alone, convusing and gasping for breath, I wasn't sure what to do so I got my mom, then instincively I want to get a straw and blew a tiny bit of air into the squirrels mouth and pressed gently on his little chest incase he was choking. I did that 3-4 times, but it was no use, the little squirrel stopped breathing and died in my arms

We figure he choked on something or fell off the BBQ and hit his head on something. I guess we'll never know for sure..

I know that some people would say I should have left the squirrel alone and let nature take it's course, but I wanted to try and help him..

I know where you're coming from
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did you take the bird back into your house?

i know you are getting attached but you nursed it back to heath. I strongly advise that you straighten the nest out a little bit so it is stable and put the baby back in with its siblings, the mom isnt going to leave all of the baby birds.

I wish you could see the way i am, im only doing this out of love for animals, it has gotten to the point where the bird could die from you taking care of it. I know, we found an "injured" bird once when i was little and we took it in, it died. unfortunentaly we couldnt find the nest to put it into. i wish we could have, it would have had a much better chance at living.
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Jany Mary, your post means so much to me.

He had his third feeding now. Its about 10:40 here. He's getting stronger. Please pray that he makes it through the night.
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Jenny, I know you are doing all you can for this little birdie, but please understand that ilovejoelyo isn't trying to attack you. This bird could very well die under your care. This happens all the time in nature, and that is for a reason. PLEASE try to contact a bird rescue. They may not want it for previous stated reasons, but they will be able to tell you how to better take care of it.

Right now the nest is the best place for him, birds take care of their young, and it the Momma is wary about the nest she will take care of it.

I only want you to know that I feel for you, and birdie but you have to know it's chances are not good under human care~
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thank you ash_bct i know i come off strong sometimes
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Aw, I'm sorry I sounded like I was mad at you.

I'm not, not at all. I know you want what is best for him/her. Thank you for that.

Its kinda too dark to straighten it now (the nest), do you think he will be okay till mourning? We are feeding him in shifts, every 90 minutes.

Please don't think of me as the bad guy.
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I'm sure no one here thinks of you as the bad guy.
Wait till tomorrow, either straighten and secure the nest, or put the nest in a small (lidless) box and secure it to the tree.

I can almost guarantee you that mom and dad bird are still around.
If you put baby in, and completely leave the area, but stay where you can watch, you'll likely see the parents in no time.
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Jenny, someone needs to get up at first light if you are going to straighten that nest. MAKE SURE you don't disturb it too much.

It's 11 PM? Keep trying to help him, but look over this thread again for food ideas, I know you mean well, but cat food is not the best.

FIRST LIGHT! Get that baby into the nest as soon as possible but remember he may not make it.

I'm off to bed, but will check for updates in the morning. Try to have a good night!
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i dont think you are a bad guy, i think you found a friend and in the end want to keep it, its normal, happens to the best of us.
But no, with what you say you are feeding it, (and im not an expert at nutrition)
the bird could become sick from (mal)nutrition
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i'm no where near an expert on looking after baby birds so i won't try to tell you what to do at all and i'm sure you felt you were doing the right thing.

i can tell you a few things i have learnt from experience, i have rescued a few baby birds in the past and adult birds, most of the adults were fine although i did have one turtle neck dove which was doing fine for ages and became very tame only to die not long after.

with baby birds, i had a tiny hairless one with closed eyes that had fallen out of a tree, i took it home and left it in a nest, i fed it every hour and a half and kept an eye on it, it seemed to be doing fine then all of a sudden it died, with birds, they can often seem to be getting better before they die, i'm not trying to upset you and your bird will probably be just fine, i just wanted you to know that in my experience, and i have rescued a lot of baby birds, 60% of them looked like they were getting better but then died soon after, try not to get your hopes up too much, i have done this heaps of times only to face heartache.

goodluck with the bird and whatever you decided to do make sure it is what's bets for the bird

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Catfood is ok in an emergency.

The rehabbers I've worked with offer the emergency food suggestion of soaked, high quaily puppy food or hard boiled egg, mixed with water and baby ceral in a food processor until the consistency of applesauce.

I should add here that this baby is a fledging, don't be surprised if he leaves the nest
When birds fledge, they usually spend 3-4 days flopping about on the ground and in low branches and bushes until they learn to fly.

What likely happened was that he tried to take the big leap, and got caught on the nest material.
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I'm trying to feel him the liquid part of wet cat food diluted with water. Later, some chunks of wet cat food.

He's doing okay so far. I feel bad we couldn't put him back earlier, but he needed some extra help to get stronger.
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Ack, no, never give liquids to baby birds, they can, and often do aspirate and die.
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looks up aspirate...

didnt help... all i got were key words....breath....veins...seringe

can someone define? please?
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Originally Posted by ilovejoelyo
looks up aspirate...
aspirate, inhale into the lungs instead of swallow into the crop.
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ooo ouch not good

if it wasnt 1:30 am i prolly could have figured that out with common sence lol
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Also, since this is a fledgling, he will not need fed throughout the night, just during daylight hours.

I must go to bed now, best of luck to you and this baby
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im off to bed too bleh almsot 2 am! I do hope the bird makes it through the night, bless him.
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The "lump" you see on the front of his throat is most likely his crop - they don't have stomachs like mamals, so the crop is where food goes when the eat. The food is then slowly "fed" to there gizzard which grinds/processes the food. Water itself will not automatically aspirate a bird, feeding it incorrectly will. Hand feeding is not as easy as it seems. Don't forece food down his mouth, put some in his mouth and let him swallow it.

Hopefully the rescue place can give you better ideas. Keep us updated!
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Update: Whoever prayed for us last night, it worked! I'm so excited! He made it through last night, even if it was tiring. He's strong as ever. We fixed the nest, and I got to meet the birdie family. He's where he belongs now. My goodness, I miss him.
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Yay! I'm very happy for you (for not having to suffer heartbreak) and for the birdie, for being a survivor
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Okay, I have to admit it was hard letting go.

He's so strong! From hanging from that nest who-knows-how-long, then making it through captivity, then being accepted by his family(we hope, still checking). All at a week old. What a strong fellow! We named him Chance.
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Originally Posted by Ilovecats
Okay, I have to admit it was hard letting go.

He's so strong! From hanging from that nest who-knows-how-long, then making it through captivity, then being accepted by his family(we hope, still checking). All at a week old. What a strong fellow! We named him Chance.
That's a very good name!

I know it's hard... we had every intention of letting Cherry go, but we didn't... just got too attached. I was very sad when she flew away, but at the same time... I was very happy for HER. It's the best for Chance.
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congrats im glad the baby is doing well and is back happy and safe
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yay!!! I'm so excited! Fabulous job, Jenny (you AND your mom!!!)!!!.

Please keep us updated!!!
Crossing my fingers that Chance is being welcomed back home by his momma and siblings!!!

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