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Posted by Hissy: It is the same way with cats. You dump a new cat into your home and you expect instant lap kitty gratification, well sometimes you are dissapointed. It is how you handle this disappointment and how you work with the cat that makes the difference. Some folks just don't want to take the time, or they have other issues in their lives that makes such a process impossible and sadly many kitties get dumped out of what could be wonderful homes along the way.

High-Five Hissy

I totally agree with you. Sadly, too many animals (not just feline) are returned, dumped or brought to shelters like they are articles of clothing that didn't fit properly. These are live creatures and should be treated as such. It takes much dedication, responsibility, time, effort and lots of love to properly take care of these animals. If you can't commit from day 1 then you shouldn't even contemplate taking them in at all. Just my opinion.
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Originally Posted by journey
thank you!
Actually she loves the sound of my voice because she will be under the bed and if i am in the bedroom folding clothes or whatever, if i talk quietly or even sing, she will come out.
she likes it when i sing......

Edit - just to add, my animal therapist friend is staying this weekend with her while i go away to my parents. She just dropped by for one minute to pick up the keys, and her first words were "she's a little misunderstood". awwww!
I am glad you are trying to work it out. My cat would also hiss sometime, not at me but at the vet's, he would hiss at other dogs or cats. I think it's hilariously funny. I just think that the cat is scared and pretends to be tough.
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I'm so relieved that your going to persevere with Callie.

Another way of looking at it is to put yourself in Callies situation, which is being passed from pillar to post.

It can upset a child when this is done being in foster care, so it's no different for a cat?!.

And when you said Callie loves it when you sing?, now how great is that!!!

Just take it one day at a time
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JOURNEY: Plus when i was going to give her back i was feeling sad inside, and thinking about how much i loved that she slept with me and layed on my lap on the couch, and now she's giving me licks on the nose all the time either when i wake up or just get home.

I'm so happy you are giving her another chance. It really sounds like she likes you so much & is very comfortable with you. Poor thing simply had a bad beginning elsewhere. Truly hope that you bond and over time love her Great pics of her.
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oh thank goodness your going to give her another chance.... I was thinking of her so much today.
It seems to me that she deserves someone who will love her...

bless you & thankyou for not giving up on her
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Am so pleased that her owners couldnt take her back, hopefully you will bond in the time it would take you to find her a new home. I strongly believe that things happen for a reason, and maybe Callie is meant to be with you, you just had a bit of a rocky start. It took me ages to look at one of my cats and think of how gorgeous she was and how much i loved her, yet the cat after her i saw that immediately. Every cat is different, but there will be cats we dont get on with, we have to learn to like them like we would a human.
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