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She treats toys like babies

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Hi -

My cat, who is just over one year old now, carries her lil toys around like they're babies. Every night she'll find one of her lil stuffed toys and carry it around and cry.

Has anyone ever heard of this ?


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Hi Mel

I don't know if you seen the pictures of my cats but I have a couple of Max with his stuffy.. He is a male and he does the same thing. Its like his baby or something.. He loves this thing. He licks it, sleeps with it and it even looks like he is cuddling it between his paws when he sleeps.. If he can't find it he meows for it. So we help him find it then he is ok.. Sulky he is..
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Pepper does that. Since her adopted baby, Scooter, is almost a year old, she seems to be looking for somrthing to mother. She will even drag him around by the scruff if he does not do what she wants. He escapes from the house, and sometimes she will chase him down and drag him back in the house. She is spayed, and has never had any kittens.
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My mom's cat Max had a big, white feather that he would drag around the house, and lick it and purr at it. And my Serena has her red birdie that she carries around, and if you even SAY "Where's your birdie?", or the work birdie at all, she goes nuts looking for it. She'll whine and cry until she or I find it! I think it's normal. It's sort of like their 'security blanket'. Children have them, some adults, and I think it's only right that our anilmals have a security blanket, or at least a favourite toy!
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Mine tend to have periods of carrying one toy around, then putting it down and playing with another for a few days. Right now Ellie has a green ball she is carrying around, while Persil likes her new black mouse. She carries it a bit, then drops it and hunts it, throwing it in t he air and killing it, then decides to love it and sleeps beside it!
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