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More of the wretched side of humanity...

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Prison guard convicted of crushing kittens
Associated Press
Dec. 18, 2001 19:09:00

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. - A prison guard was convicted Tuesday of aggravated cruelty to animals for crushing five kittens to death in a trash compactor at Sing Sing.

Ronald Hunlock, 47, could get up to two years in prison.

"In the overall scheme of things in today's world, the lives of five kittens could easily be considered of slight significance by some," said Judge Peter Leavitt, announcing his verdict after a non-jury trial. "This court feels differently."

Hunlock was also convicted of trying to kill the kittens' mother, who escaped from the compactor at the last moment and has since been adopted.

He showed no reaction on hearing the verdict.

Hunlock found the kittens in a search of an inmate's cell at the state prison last month and ordered the prisoner to put them in the compactor. When the inmate refused, Hunlock did it himself.

He claimed the cats were deathly ill.

Hunlock has been suspended without pay and will be fired upon his sentencing March 19, corrections officials said.
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I just got back from lunch not 5 minutes ago and read that in the Houston Chronicle! The Chronicle said it was not a jury trial and that the judge sentenced him to two years. Someone who does something like this needs more than jail time and should have some sort of psyco-evaluation done. Someone who does something like this must have something very wrong with them mentally.
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I agree 100% with you but I do consider this a step in the right direction don't you?
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I have heard of jails that use the care of animals from a shelter to help rehab inmates. They bring in puppies & kittens & have the inmates provide care for them. It is supposed to be quiet helpful at teaching them responsiblity and how to care for something other then themselves. It is sad that the inmate who had the cats was punished by the guard by the guard destroying something the inmate probably loved.
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I completely agree with you. I just wish the courts did a little more. Maybe they do and the news just didn't cover it.


It just braeks my heart thinking of that poor inmate witnessing that.
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I am glad that this guard got a sentenced like that - now HE will be spending time in a State Prison - and can see the other side of life for a change. We have a State facility on our county and to be honest with you, I have seen a lot of cruelty from guards. I think they get so hardened to life, they act this way. I know this is a generalization and I hope I do not offend anyone - but working for the County - I have seen it all.
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That is despicable! . I'm glad the judge is sentencing him, he's suspended WITHOUT pay and he's losing his job. I sincerely hope that the trauma of the whole thing hasn't setback the rehabilitation of the inmate.

Those poor babies didn't deserve that. They should have put the guy's appendage (and I don't mean his arm either) in the compactor first.

Stories like that make me sick. I'm just happy that the mama got a home.

Hooray to the judge.
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Oh no guys! I just re-read the article and it says up to two years in prison. So he hasn't been sentenced yet! I'm so sorry, when I read the article the first time I could have sworn it said he got two years! So, he will definitely get gail time but a max of two years. I hate to think he will be free for 3 more months.
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I don't know about the laws in that particular state, but in Connecticut, if someone is sentenced to 2 years (24 months) they usually only end up serving 1/3 of the time. If it were in CT he'd only serve 8 months. Now THAT'S disgusting! Hopefully someone in prison will make him his girlfriend and teach him a lesson.
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That is one of the mosgt shocki ng things I have read....I think he deserves 2 years in jail but I also think he deserves a lot more....like a mental evaluation.....and maybe an order against him being around animals for the next 10 years
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This is horrible, but it's great news that this monster's going to serve time for his sick diseased mind! Another officer! Jeez!!!!! I'd love to get hold of a hard copy of that sentencing and send it to the Judge's FYI in Sacramento for Max's Trial...as a matter of fact, I'll get right on it!

Oh yeah, one more thing, I hope he becomes some big thug's "cakeboy" in prison...Make that a few thugs!!!!! Guess who's going to be watchin who now!

Thanks Bill for the news!

Love & Peace,
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This really is disgusting....when I hear about stuff like this I always wonder about the sick mentality of these people........ what on earth could possible "justify" doing this kind of thing?!!! There is something seriously wrong with that man..... I hope he gets EXACTLY what he deserves.....
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