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Worried about new kitten

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My mom just adopted a new kitten named Bootsy. He is 11 months old and we got him on sat. sence then he has thrown up 7 times and sleeps more than he plays. I've only seen him eat once. Is this normal for a new kitten? Should we be worried?
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That isn't normal, I'd take him to a vet asap.
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You should be concerned- ask your mom to please take Bootsy to the vet for a check-up
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ok and just wondering, how much should kittens sleep?
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The problum is worse than I thought. He won't eat either. He was being fed science diet kitten food and thats what we're giving him but he won't eat it. I tried sofening it with water and a dab of milk but that didn't work either. He won't eat treats either and he's not interested in table scraps. My mom is gonna get him new food tomorrow and if he doesn't get better we're gonna take him to the vet. I put him near his bowl and he acted like he haddn't drank in days but he wouldn't eat then right as he was digging in his litter box he runs out of the room and throws up again. It's stomic stuff every time too never food. He doesn't use the litter box much either unless you put him in there and sctatch his paw in the litter. I'm worried about him. He doesn't have any accidents though.
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At 11 months old, the stress of moving to a new enviroment with new people, new smells, new routines could all be affecting his immune system. He is nearly a year old and has gotten settled into the ways of his previous home.

From the way your post was written, it sounds as though his food and litter box are very closely situated. If this is the case, MOVE that litter box away from his food bowls now - and what else can I say but ... if you are worried about him, then take him to the vet. If he hasn't eaten anything since Saturday, he's in serious trouble.
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Gayef is so right!! Kittens -and cats but maybe more so kittens b/c they are younger, do not have the resereves like we or even other mammals have. They NEED to eat to survive or their electrolytes go crazy and they can literally die! If he does not eat, he should see a vet asap, an ER vet if there is none open and he is still not eating or keeping food and fluids down. You can try pedialyte with him - if you have a syringe or eye dropper, give him water and or pedialyte to get something into him!!

It could be stress but he really has to eat! A vet would likely give him an IV and check his vitals to ascertain what's wrong. He could have pcied up something or eaten something that is making him sick.

Keep us updated on your poor baby!
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What's the latest on this kitty?
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oh gee did I say 11 months? Sorry about that I ment 11 weeks! He is drinking when we put him near the bowl and will eat if we take the food out of the bowl and put it on the floor. He stopped getting sick and seems to be more active today too. He eats in the mornings when most of us are asleep. So we should move the food dish to a different room than the litter box?
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If he just came home and is so young, he should be seen by a vet for his updated shots and a full exam anyway.
Generally, yes, the litterbox and food bowls should be in different rooms or areas of the house.
Most people put the litterbox in an out of the way spot such as the laundry room or bathroom.

I keep one in my hall closet and one in my bedroom and clean them daily.

Please take kitty to the vet for his first exam and let us know how it goes.

Good luck!
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He's from petsmart and they said he already had his shots and is healthy.
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