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this made me cry

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That made me cry as well! We are going to be moving soon I hope..and I cant wait to get back on foster lists! to do my part!
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Made me cry and cry but also think.

I foster the little ones from feral colony and then adopt them out. Some are healthy and some just don't make it. I questioned myself on whether or not I should continue to shelter the strays, ferals, lost kittens, etc.

Thank you for posting that makes this quote from the Holocaust so clear "All that is needed for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing".

Not getting too deep here...just can't turn my back on these fuzzy faces as I see most of you can't either. Thank God!
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Those first two paragraphs reminded me of rescuing our fourth cat last November. It took my wife and I three days of feeding and playing with her before we could catch her and bring her in. Before that, it was freezing wind and rain, typical for Michigan that time of year. No one posted any notices, apparently she was just dumped in the street for whatever reason.

It may be asking too much of some people to feel, but it's not asking too much for them to *think*. There are always alternatives to the kind of stories in this article.
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oh no, i read about 2 1/2 paragrahphs of it, i cant read those kind of stories
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Originally Posted by ilovejoelyo
oh no, i read about 2 1/2 paragrahphs of it, i cant read those kind of stories
Me too! I only made it to the begining of the 3rd paragraph.
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Originally Posted by leesali
Thank you for posting that makes this quote from the Holocaust so clear "All that is needed for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing".
This made me cry too and made my son think.. I don't think he realized stuff like this really happens and animals do get left behind. He asked "Mom does that really happen?" I answered Yes and continued to read the article. He sat looking at me as if to say " HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?" then he got up picked up his Ricky and held him

Its just horrible
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That was sad and difficult to read.
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Oh, what a tearjerker! If people would quit dumping cats, the problem would be solved, but that isn't going to happen. So it is up to the catlovers to take in these helpless babies!
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Heartbreaking. States all the more how wonderful the angels are who protect and care for these precious babies.
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That made me bawl. Heck, I'm still crying! The first story, about the little black cat, made me think of a black cat who I've seen wandering around the street behind my apartment building. I hate to see strays more than just about anything.

Annabelle was skin and bones and freezing cold when she finally got the courage to come up to Nate and enter his apartment. This was the middle of January, and we had seen her little paw prints in the snow for the entire month prior. I hate to think of what she had been through and I hate to think of what my friend has made two cats go through. It just makes me sick!
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I cried so hard I always do. I've had to take my name OFF a fostering list now because I'm moving house and it galls me to know that that help is something they can't afford to lose. I've never had to foster a cat for long... the longest I've had a foster cat is four days. Ziggy arrived at my place on a Monday morning all skin and bones after she'd been found abandoned - and I've never seen a cat eat the way she did. it was so sad to watch. Just four days though. That's all it took to get her a permanent home. It broke my heart to let her go, but I did at least know she was going somewhere better. It's amazing what you can do in so short a time. I will be fostering again once I've moved - if there is need for it out there, of course.
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There is nothing so sad as an abandoned pet, in my opinion.

Here's the story of the first two cats I knew:

Cat no. 1, a little black cat!!!
Who was abandoned, along with her ginger brother, when their owner moved house. Brother was taken in by a lady along the road, black cat moved in with us. She tried the food on offer at all the houses along our road, and chose ours. They both lived to a grand old age.

Cat no. 2, a little tabby cat!!!
Who we assume was abandoned, she was about 8-12 months old when found (vet couldn't be sure), spayed etc. but probably her 'family' got bored with her when she was no longer a kitten, and threw her out like so much rubbish. She lived in our garden for six months & refused to come in. Then she developed cat flu, came in to be nursed, and never left. She lived to be 17-ish.

Both these cats were friendly, polite, loving sweethearts. How their original owners could just discard them like that is beyond me, yet it goes on and on. I applaud Cats Protection for the work they do, thank God someone does it. (The two cats I have at present came from CP). They are one of my favourite charities.

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That was very difficult to read. It breaks my heart to know that there are people out there who would just abandon their pets, and not just their pets but some abandon their children too. This is very sad.
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