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Remember Styx

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My neighbor, Sue Ellen, and I had a kitty play date this weekend. My little Ivy and her Betsey just get along so well. It is the darnest thing- it really melts your heart. I know that cats are pretty independent, but for some reason these two just adore each other. Sue Ellen works at universal, so she is always keeping me up-to-date about what is going on in the music world lol. She put on the new Styx album. It was really fun to listen to them again. It brought back all these memories. Like, I remember dancing with this guy John, who just thought was so neat, to Babe and then I went out and bought the album so I could listen to it over and over. The teenage years are so funny. It was nice to take the trip down memory lame. Val
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They sang, MR Roboto? in the middle of the Eigthyes??? or I´m wrong.......
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Yes, they did sing MR. Roboto.

Did they perform at Live Aid? I remember seeign them perform on TV and they were fantastic.
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Suite Madame Blue, Renegade, Blue Collar Man...my favs
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Yes, they did sing MR. Roboto.
Thank you Chick! ..
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I have many old Styx LPs. Do they sound okay on the new record?
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I just love the song Too Much Time On My Hands and more for the sound than anything. When that song came out it was about the coolest sound I ever heard.
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Come sail away.. Come sail away.. Come sail away with me...........

I saw Styx along with REO Speedwagon at Six Flags here in NJ. lol

I prefer Journey myself.

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That is one of my most favorite groups and come sail away is the best. So just had to find this website. http://www.styxworld.com/ so have fun and enjoy.
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Lights, Clair De Lune, Castle Walls, Little Fugue in G, Come Sail Away... I have them all on VINYL when the cover art was actually legible. Now have all the CDs too including some hard to find foreign cuts.

Just got the new Styx album. Not my fav but hey - its STYX. Saw them live for Paradise Theatre and Mr. Roboto tours.

Too much time on my hands, its ticking away with my sanity!!!
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Yeah- they sound great on the new album. Isn't it amazing how music can just bring back all these memories just like that! I love come sail away. I have been listening them non stop lately! Lol Val
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