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First Time Foster

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I'm fostering a cat with an Upper Respiratory Infection. I brought her home on Friday, and she was so skinny, hardly any muscle at all. I started her on her medicine on Saturday morning, but she still wasn't eating. I managed to get some high calorie supplemental stuff in her (not much) but later that day i was holding her and she had a seizure. She had another one a little while later. So I ended up taking her back to the shelter for observation and I think they gave her some fluids.

They called and told me that she is doing fine, no more seizures. Which is SUCH great news! (Though I probably look a little paranoid, I am more than happy to look paranoid on this occasion)

Can anyone give me tips to watch for or things I can do to make sure she's okay?

And also can anyone tell me what signs to watch for in my cats in case they catch her URI?
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I had a long post already to send and my kiity hit a key and I lost it all

First quarantine this kitty for the sake of your other cats. She could have more than URI - parasites, diseases, worms etc that you would not want to infect your cats with - I would quaratine at least for 10 days to ensure there is no distemper

URI will cause loss of appetite - they won't eat if they can't smell. We use Vicks VaporRub to open up nasal passages. Putting her in a hot steamy bathroom will help with the congestion

Check for dehydration. If when you pinch her scruff the skin does not immediately relax back to normal, she is dehydrated and needs fluids asap

GOOD LUCK and please keep us updated
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Awww Your kitty wanted to help!

Twilight (My foster) is doing okay now, She eats a little more each day. And I've been giving her a high calorie supplement to help her gain weight. (She's SO skinny, and I think she had kittens recently as well, poor thing) I have her quarantined to the best of my abilities. Vicks vapor rub is a good idea, I'll pick some up tonight. But she seems in good spirits so I think she's starting to get better.

But now my 1 yr old Dora has started sneezing. I'm already giving her eye medication from her vet because she was having eye goobers. Should I take her to the vet again? She's eating and seems in good spirits otherwise, but she likes to spend a lot of time outside the door to Twilight's room and I'm afraid she may have caught her cold.
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