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What Games Do You Play?

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I was sick in bed pretty much all weekend (still am), so Cosette decided to bring the fun to me. She has these little plastic toys that are kind of shaped like the rings around milk jug tops (cats LOVE those). Well, this weekend, she started bringing me the rings in bed. I'd throw the ring, she'd go fetch it, and bring it back to me. This morning, this went on for half an hour. Cosette LOVES to play fetch!!! I've started calling her my little puppy dog

What games do you play with your kits?
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Well both the boys love to play tag. I chase them then they chase me.

Samwise likes to play with his mice and Gandalf likes to play with the turbo scratch and they like me to in on the action occassionally.
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Cosy and Eppie love playing tag, too
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Pepper loves to play "Chase and Attack Mom". She chase me around the apartment attacking my arms and legs, it doesn't hurt unless she's really into the game and swipes me good, then mom stops playing.
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Waffle is big on fetch also Amy. Basically anything small she can bat and chase around she'll go after. She only fetches with hairties and small toy mice though. SHe's picky!
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In our house its split.. Some play fetch especially Ricky and Chucky.. Chucky will bring socks back if you throw them Ricky Likes paper balls, pop covers, anything that he can actually bite on to be able to bring it back to you. Buddy likes paper balls too but not as much as the other too nut cases..
Ricky, titden, lacie love hid and seek.. HHEHEHE lacie is so good at that.. When she finds me, she will split down the hall into the room and jump behind my dresser ( its angled ) hahaha.. And most of them like it when My hubby and I are sitting on opposite ends of the hall throwing the balls back and forth.. They all love Monkey well in this case Kitties in the middle.
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Lex is a fetchy monster too! Isn't it fun! Although hopefully Cosette won't bring you toys at 3am when she's feeling particularly frisky.
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Sprocket used to play "lets eat mum's feet". Either that or it was "let's steal mum's dinner off her plate the second she's not looking". That game was usually closely followed by "oops, mum's mad at me, let's hide in the laundry" and then we'd get into a big rolled up mess of socks on the kitchen floor while I was trying to find him. It always ended in playing chase the socks. It's why I never had a pair
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Sierra's favorite game right now is Get Stringy! Stringy is her favorite toy at this time. It is simply a string hanging from one of the fishing pole toys from where her toy came off! It is an interactive toy only and is kept put away when not in use. She'll chase it all over the place, up, down, and around and loves to bat it around my legs, then she rolls over and rabbit kicks it!
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Originally Posted by vespacat
Lex is a fetchy monster too! Isn't it fun! Although hopefully Cosette won't bring you toys at 3am when she's feeling particularly frisky.
Oh no Jenn, Cosette is QUITE good at that already . She brought me her favorite feather-on-a-stick (how she got it out of the basket it was in is still a mystery) in the middle of the night last night. Then she meowed incessantly until I'd wave it around a few times (daddy wasn't too happy about this!). She couldn't wait until this morning to play I guess. Kittens!!!
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Oh Amy my Sylvester is exactly the same. She brings mousies, rubberbands, and her feather toys onto the bed and wants us to throw them. Sometimes very early in the morning or very late at night.

Annie just likes to play at being a flirt and rolling and acting cute until she gets a good rub.
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I love reading stories about playing games with kitties Just goes to show you the immense INTELLIGENCE that cats possess. I daresay that they are way smarter than dogs!
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