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Carrying cats

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I am well aware that Oliver, like most cats, does not like to be carried or held on his back like a baby (human). I have even yelled at people who do that because Oliver struggles and tries to get down. Imagine my suprise yesterday when I found my dad carrying Oliver around like a baby and Oliver was just lying there looking at my dad like he was in love with him! This happened 3 times! Bizzare. Maybe he was just putting up with it for Father's Day!
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Aww! That is sweet (even if you weren't the one getting to hold him like that!) I am lucky, because both my boys LOVE to be held like a baby on their backs - always have - I am sure they will grow out of it, but I can walk around the house holding them and they will knead and purr away. I hope they always let me do this...but I know when the day comes that they let me know "no more!" I need to respect that!
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I used to do that to my old cat and she didn't really like it but let me do it. Then I realized she kind of had trouble breathing that way - that's probably why she didn't like it!
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