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I'm new!

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Hi! I'm new so I just wanted to introduce myself...my name is Sarah and my husband and I just adopted two new 3 month old tabby kittens named Jingle and Belle. Any good advice for new cat owners?
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kitten proof the house!!!! Welcome, welcome glad to have you aboard

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take a look around the site, I know I learned alot by just reading everyones posts.

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Welcome Sarah!!! Nice to have you here!! This really is a great place and I hope you'll stick around and enjoy yourself!! :pinky: :girly2: :girly1:

Ps... if you need any help....just shout!
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Please post pictures of your new babies - there is nothing better than kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to the fur family - you know - people owned by cats club!
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Welcome. What great names for your kittens. The best advice I can give for new kittens is to provide lots of love & patience. You can also cat proof your house like you would baby proof your house.
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Welcome to The Cat Site! We have many threads here with helpful advice about new kittens! I hope you will enjoy it here!
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I agree with everyone. Just about any question you can imagine has been posted in the forums about cats. If you have a specific question, just ask! Anne also has some great articles on the site, too. Don't forget to stop by and just chat with us in the Lounge.

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Hi there sarah welcome to the cat site there is a wealth of information here and people are more than willing to offer help...all I can say about kittens is enjoy them
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I love your kitties names! How absolutely adorable ( and appropriate for this season! ) Welcome to TCS!!
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Welcome to you and your new kitties, Sarah!!!
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Welcome to the site of the cat lovers !

I'm a French lady and am fairly new myself here but I can assure you that people are very friendly.

I hope you enjoy yourself and tell us more about your little kitties :flower:
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Hi Sarah & Cybermoukette! :angel2::daisy:

Nice to see new members here! Welcome and have fun.

I love the name of your kitties Spooky! I also have 2 male twin tabby's their names are Cash & Cary (I found them at a Kash&Karry Grocery store) :laughing2

Please post some pics ya'll

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Welcome to the best site on the web!

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