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My Furbuddies

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Some of my furry buddies
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Awwwww their gorgeous Are the kittens foster kittens?
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Yes I volunteer at a shelter called C.A.T.S. Comitted Alliance To Strays
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How many kittens managed to stuff themselves into that pail?

I love shots of cats stuffing themselves into impossibly small places.

Gorgeous kitties.
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2 In the can
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What beautiful kitties More pictures please
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Awww, I love the pic of the kitties in the can !! Too Cute!
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Cute kitties and great names! I'm guessing you're a Grateful Dead fan.
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Awwww, they are all so cute

I looked at your other kitty pictures, and absolutely fell in love with little Pounce , what is the story behind that little kitty? he looks absolutely tiny!

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At the time he and his 2 sibs were perhaps 18 days old and they were all three rather small I got them at 3 days and had to tube feed them for the 1st 4 days before I could get them to take the bottle. I'm really lucky that I didnt lose any of them to disease.
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AWWW, they are so cute. My fav is the 4 kittens sitting together, ok I lie, my fav is all of them. LOL I can't make up my mind.
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There have been a few new pics added lately, enjoy.
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those pictures are so cute!!! Thanks again for sharing them with us!!!
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Lukey in the window

Rufus checking out the new Dwarf Hamsters, Aug 2

Luky Checkin out the new Dwarf Hamsters, Aug 2005

Click on a picture to see the rest of the album.
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Awwww Howard, your furbuddies are so adorable!
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Handsome guys! Lukey looks like a big boy!
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Yes he is, 25 lbs. and Thanks for the complements.
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