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Stephanie, what great news!!! Our vet takes pictures too. When Tiggy got his done last, he had his tonque sticking out!! So glad all is going well with S & S. I just hope Bailey's introduction to his brother and sisters next week goes as well!
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Stephanie...Sierra & Serenity look like they belong together. Little Serenity is growing by leaps & bounds. Sweet Sierra is such a generous big sister. It would not be easy to share her loving Mommy with her little sister.

I am so glad that you have confidence in their new vet. I know that is a big relief for you.

You are such a good Mommy...your babies are thriving under your loving care.
Sierra & Serenity are adorable.:
Sadie, Dexter & Lei
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I'm so glad to hear everything went well for Serenity! She's soooo adorable, I can't believe how much she's growing already! Sierra looks as sweet and happy as ever! I'm so glad to hear their slowly becoming friends. Keep up the good work Stephanie!
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Awww Stephanie, I'm so glad to hear all is well with Serenity! My goodness she's growing up fast. And Sierra is just as sweet and adorable as ever.
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Thank you guys for sharing our milestones with us!
Boy, little Serenity has felt rotten today. She has just wanted to sleep, has eaten very little and has been acting as if she is still sore, not jumping up and rather particular about her position being held. She has been enjoying her big sister's comfy bed that we got from the Marley Fund. (Mommy has some pictures if she would go ahead and get them downloaded.) Sierra lost interest in her bed long ago, so I'm so happy Serenity is finding it to be a cozy knook!
Serenity has just now enjoyed a nice meal and is beginning feel frisky again!During the entire time Serenity has felt poorly, Sierra has been very gentle with her. She hasn't fussed at her at all and hasn't minded her sleeping up close to us. My Sierra baby is so sweet!
Serenity is such a love. She'll just rest in my arms and purr and purr. Whatever she's doing, just touching her turns on her little purr box, and I still call her my Little Birdie because she still talks just like a little bird!
I'm so blessed. Off to have a snuggle with my girls!
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Awww Stephanie look at your gorgeous girls. I love that photo of Sierra. Serenity looks adorable, she's growing up beautifully. Poor Serenity having a scary time at the Vet, she will be feeling better in no time.Sending lots of warm and healing thoughts for little Serenity and lots of scritches for Sierra.
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Thank you, Beth!
Serenity is certainly feeling back to her usual loving, hyperactive self today! She's also back to eating everything in sight and driving her big sister nuts! Presently, she's in a running frenzy. Thank you so much for caring about my precious girls!
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Just minute!!! You forgot to put out a cuteness alert!

Wow she is really growing, Stephanie! And Sierra looks like she is enjoying that catnip pillow. I am glad that Serenity has found her energy again. I bet that Sierra might feel differently about that !

Kisses to the girls
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Thank you Chris! Sierra certainly is not so pleased with Serenity's refound energy! Yes, Sierra loves her new catnip pillow!
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Good to hear little Serenity is back to her usual self!
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Awwww...what beautiful girls. Glad to hear Serenity is doing well and what a good big sister you are being sweet Sierra!
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I too am glad to hear she is well!
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Serenity returned to her Vet for her booster vaccinations this evening. She did very well, although she gets nervous and literally trembles in my arms the moment we walk in. I really wish I could help her understand and reassure her everything is ok.

I still really like this Dr. and the clinic! He spent so much time with us, and even spent a great deal of time again just talking to me about Sierra even having not met her yet! (how to get on Stephanie's good side, talk to her with great concern and interest about her babies! )
He's going to compound Sierra's Norvasc for us in a salmon flavored liquid! She will definitely enjoy the medication more and the dosage will be more precise than having to quarter the pill!Suppose I'll need to save that for another thread, though!

Serenity is still 4 pounds, so her weight has stabilized for now. He said she could start losing her baby teeth at any time. Won't she be so cute snaggletoothed! I had thought she may have lost some much earlier because she didn't have some of her top and bottom front teeth, but he said she still has all her baby teeth now, that what I most likely observed was her teeth first coming in. He said they may have come in late due to her malnourished state early in life. She's certainly well nourished now, though!

Her Dr. suggested we give her only the distemper vaccine today and wait a week or so for her rabies since her vaccines make her feel so poorly. I feel that was a great idea. She did great for her exam and vaccine, just sat there like such a brave girl!

Sierra was in the bedroom when we arrived home and we had to go in there to find her instead of her coming out to greet us as usual. She must have felt really odd with us both gone! Sierra sniffed her over then went on about her business. Serenity ate a nice meal and has now found herself a little snuggly spot to sleep, having barely glanced up since. Sure hope she bounces right back from today.

Thank you, everyone for caring enough to keep up with my babies!
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Is this what Serenity said at the Vet, Mom?

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Cute, Chris!
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Thank you for sharing Sierra and Serenity story and pictures. I especially liked the ones of them taking a turn in the paper bag. =)
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Awww Serenity what a brave little girl. It sounds like you've found a great Vet clinic now. Sending lots of healing thoughts her way so that she bounces back quickly from her vaccination. I bet Sierra will be making the most of little sister's quiet time .
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Serenity you clever girl for mummy!

Stephanie, i love the sound of this vet from the way you've described with regards to Sierra

Awwwww and she gave Serenity cute little sniffs. I bet she missed her really
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Wonderful news Steph all the way around!
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Thank you, DMG, for enjoying little Serenity's life story and her precious pictures!

Beth, Susan, and Susie, you show your love for my girls in so many different ways, and it's so special to me for you to take the time to support us in her thread.

I'm so happy to report that Serenity is feeling much better already!She is a bit more calm, still active and playing just not as vigorously as usual. She's mostly enjoying being a snuggle bug today, but she's not acting sore and is continuing to eat well! Sierra may be slightly disappointed, though, as she was hoping her little sister would be much more sedate today!
Giving her vaccines one at a time is definitely a wonderful plan which we will continue in the future! Her Vet's office phoned a few minutes ago to check on her! Isn't that great personalized service from a Dr's' office!
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I'm glad little Serenity is already feeling much better!
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Wait until tomorrow and she'll be whizzing around as normal!!

And i like that vet even more now after they've rang
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Serenity is such a brave little girl. I think that Sierra missed you both when your were gone.
Your love for your girls shines through every message that you write.
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Stephanie- Remember all the problems I told you Dori had with her shots when she was a kitten? She got hers 1 at a time as well and did MUCH better. I am sure Serenity will be 100% tomorrow. I bet she is a bit sleepy from all the excitement of going to the vet and is just trying to hide it from Sierra

Her vet sounds wonderful! That really does make all the difference.

Could you post just a few more pics of them please
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Rita, thank you so much for your support!

Yes, Susan, their calling to check on Serenity is such personal, caring service, isn't it! We're glad you're impressed with our Vet, as well!

Lei, you're always so kind, you know how much I love my girls!

You're so right, Tanya, this has made such a world of difference for Serenity!Give Mommy a second to fiddle with Photobucket, and we'll see what we can do about those pictures! Thank you so much for asking!
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Serenity will be getting her very own Fur Pics thread in the next few days. In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures to update how quickly my tiny baby is growing up!

This is such a fun action shot of her playing with her big sister's honeysuckle pillow!

Posing like such a big girl!

My baby girls having dinner side by side! This is quite a rare occurance!

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Beautiful pictures. Glad to hear things are going well.
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Oh my gosh, Serenity is getting sooo big! What a gorgeous girl; and miss Sierra, stunning as always! I'm glad Serenity's vet visit went well and she's recovered from her needle.
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Stephanie, I'm so impressed with how healthy and happy Serenity looks! You are doing a wonderful job nurturing her!

My favorite pic is of your two beautiful fur babies eating side-by-side.... AWWWWWW
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Oh my goodness...their pictures are just wonderful Stephanie.
Sierra & Serenity eating next to each other just melts my heart.
And look at Serenity's beautiful little tummy. Awwww
I can hardly wait for more.
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