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Stephanie, that is wonderful news about Serentity's vet visit! You all must be feeling incredibly proud!

Sorry to hear that Serenity is feeling a bit off colour though, I am sure that with you and Sierra looking after her, she'll be as right as rain again in no time!

I am so pleased for you that Sierra is looking after her little sister and things are progressing so well!

You are doing an amazing job, Stephanie, and I wish you lots of luck with the continuing trials!
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This is such wonderful news.

Big kisses for Sierra what a wonderful big sister she is looking out for Serenity. It's such great news that Serenity is doing so well even if she is feeling a bit poorly today. Lots of hugs for Serenity to help her feel better
What a wonderful mommy you are Stephanie - all this is down to the love and care you have shown your girls
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It's so nice to hear about the progress you have made. Serenity is a beautiful girl and I'm glad to hear about her A+ rating even if she feels a little under the weather because of her shots. Sierra is such a good sis You have done a fantasic job, Stephanie!
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I really enjoy reading the updates about Sierra and her new kitten Serenity. You have done such a good job with them!

Garfield had separation issues as a baby, too. If I even walked around a corner, rather than follow he would sit down and cry. As soon as I peeked back around the corner he would happily run to me! Luckily for him, he and Festus met at about 8-10 weeks old, so he has had her by his side most of the time.

I don't know when that fear of being alone ended, but it did. He can be alone in a room now, and just blinks at me if I check on him. In time, Serenity will grow up, too. But you are right to teach her now that you aren't always there, but you always come back!

I'm sure there are many others who are reading this thread, but not posting. Please keep the updates coming!
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Awwww Serenity...you got an A+ from your doctor.
We hope that you are feeling better this morning. When we got our shots, we felt sicky poo for a little while too.
We know that soon, you will so longer fear being left alone, because you will know that your Mommy will always come back to you sweet pie.
Sister Sierra & your Mommy are taking such good care of you. You are growing like a pretty little weed.
Have Mommy keep us updated about how you & sweet Sierra are doing.
Purrs, Cuddles & Head Butts to you both...
Dexter & Sadie
xo xo xo
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I just caught back up with the thread and it looks like things are going very well for S & S. My 2 boys have some fairly minor seperation issues especially Lukey but since they have each other they seem to cope with them pretty well but they are sure glad to see me when I get back home again.
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Wow it sounds like she is growing like a weed! More Pictures please!

Awwww Sierra...what a wonderful big sister you are turning into!
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You guys are so great! I didn't receive my email alerts and was actually rather sad no one had replied! Thank you so much for keeping up with us and caring how we're doing! Thank you for sharing your personal stories about separation anxiety, these are very encouraging, and thank you for the reassurance that Serenity's feeling poorly after her shots is completely normal. Sometimes nomatter how much you are aware of something in your head, it's just difficult to remember when it's actually you baby feeling ill.

I'm so happy to report that Serenity is feeling so much better today! By last night, she was eating great and having lots of fun playing with even a couple of her wild frenzy playtimes including her zooming back and forth at top speed!
"Won't you go back to the way you were Saturday night" says Sierra!
As I type, Serenity is zonked out on my tummy and Sierra is sleeping on my legs. I sure do love my little girls!
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I don't know if anyone has said this, Stephanie, but do you notice that Sierra and Serenity both have a very similar little smudge of colour on the right side of their noses? It's like they were destined to be sisters some day!
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How lovely to hear that little Serenity is feeling better . Sierra must feel quite exhausted watching her zooming around

What a lovely picture it sounds with both of your girls sleeping snuggly with you while you're on TCS
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Such a very beautiful observation , Sarah! you're so right! Thank you for this touching concept about my precious girls!
Yes, Beth, Sierra sure liked it better when Serenity just wanted to sleep! My girls certainly are a lovely sight all snuggled up here!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
The Dr. just went on and on and on about how beautiful Serenity is! She remembered the sick little baby who had been on her exam table just a few weeks ago and was awed at how perfectly healthy and beautiful she is now! Really, I'm not just being a super proud Mommy, she really went on and on! She said Serenity is in the best of health and she gets "an A+ for today". I thought that was a cute thing to say.
Isn't it great to hear your child complimented like that? Emma's first vet was like that. I remember one time we were waiting in the exam room and she stopped at the door on the other side and was looking at her chart (you know how doctors/vets do) and she spontaniously exclaimed, "Oh, Emma's here!", with such joy in her voice. I hope you can continue to see this vet you like so well.
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I am so glad she's feeling much better, I was hoping it was a very temporary reaction to her vaccinations. I love hearing how Sierra is moving towards acceptance of her little sister
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Got a little behind, there -- goodness! that won't do!

Glad to hear things are going well and your wee darling is feeling better.
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OK Stephanie...it's time for more pictures of your beautiful girls.
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yay!!! I'm so happy that S & S are doing so well!!!

Looking forward to seeing updated pics
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We've had a very big day today! Serenity received a routine exam as well as her booster vaccines!

After much research, I've located a Vet. within 30 minutes of our home! I had gone in and spoken to them previously and was impressed by the office and staff. It is a fully equipped Vet. Hosp with onsite labs, pharmacy, laser surgery, ultrasound and more. I didn't realize until I left that I had been talking to the Dr. for over an hour about Serenity's care and Sierra's special needs...poor Dr.! I'm feeling very encouraged about his willingness to offer Sierra special care!

Serenity did great, but was nervous and quite shaky most of the time. She was quite literally trembling all over. I don't understand why she would be afraid having encountered no negative experiences at the Vet. She has gained all the way up to a whopping 4 lbs! That's up from her tiny 7oz when she found us, and a lot of that had to be those nasty roundworms! She received her 2nd set of vaccinations. She also received another dose of Strongid dewormer even though she didn't test positive for worms. They said this is routine for kittens and after a lengthy explanation, I agreed. I was not familiar with this practice. They took her photograph also, and it is scanned onto her files! They take a photograph with each visit! Isn't that great!

Sierra was so happy when we got home! That was the first she's been alone in over 2 months! She was asleep on the dresser when we came in. She has had so much to say since we arrived home! She's carefully investigating me and the forms we brought in most likely smelling all the unusual smells from the Vet's. Serenity is feeling very tired after her big day, sleeping here at my side after enjoying her dinner.

Here is an updated picture of Baby Serenity and Sweet Sierra as well, since we wouldn't want to leave her out of the fun!

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Oh those girls are so PRECIOUS!!!! You must be the best Meowmy in the world they have identical looks of contentedness and peace on their faces!

That vet sounds wonderful - our vet takes photos too and has them up on the website. It's a very sweet idea. I love going to vets who obviously just adore animals and are not dried-up old serious people who are sick of their jobs. It's great.

Yay for Sierra and Serenity!!!
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Sounds like you found a wonderful new vet!
Little Serenity is growing so fast! Both of your girls are beautiful!!
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They are just so cute together, they really do look like they belong as sisters over finding a vet so close by for both girls!
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oh what wonderful news about it all!! Serenity's weight increase, a great vet only 30minutes away, taking photos at each visit, Sierra having a quiet sleep by herself...

oh steph it all just sounds marvellous. I am sorry to hear that Serenity was scared at the vets however, but she will be fine

so please everything went so well

and of course - what wonderful photos of both girls - you know I just adore them both
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Fantastic news on the weight gain, she weighs as much as our little Saba now. They sure do look like sisters. I really believe this was meant to be, I just knew it. I knew it I knew it I knew it.
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Wow, Serenity reminds me of Chasey!
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Stephanie thats excellent news on both the vet and Serenitys weight increase

This vet sounds just like mine, because whenever i've been i ask so many questions and she never hurries me out the door for the next patient

Isn't she getting big!.

Did Sierra go over to Serenity when you both got back?, because Rosie does that with Sophie and i think it's because she's missed her So it's making me think if Sierra missed her when you said she had so much to say
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You can really see Serenitys face growing up!
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Stephanie! What wonderful news! I'm so pleased that you've found a great vet so close! It will be so much easier for you all!

I'm glad to hear that Serenity has gained weight and is so healthy now!

Both Sierra and Serenity look so content in their pictures! They are the purrfect sisters!
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I believe she did miss us both, Susan. She must have been telling me all her having to be left alone! She gave Serenity a good sniffing over but no snuggles. We're getting there, though!
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Yay on the new vet Steph....sounds like a great one! And sweet little Serenity is thriving under your care.....Wonderful, wonderful! And so sweet that Miss Sierra missed the two of you!
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Aww...what cuties S and S are :kissF!!
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