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Hey there Steph-

You might want to get a small can of KMR- just to give the water some color. Kitties don't have the best eyesight, and water is colorless so she can't see. Or you can dump some clean pebbles or aquarium rock in the bottom of her glass bowl so she can gauge the depth.

Glad to see you are keeping her- thought you might-
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I think "Solace" would be really neat and it isn"t common.
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From what Steph described, she sounds like a muted tortie to me-
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I'm sounding a numpty here, but what does a muted tortie look like?!
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This link the top cat is a muted tortie, they have a soft gray coat with patterns of color in them, whereas calicos are white based with color

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Originally Posted by hissy
This link the top cat is a muted tortie, they have a soft gray coat with patterns of color in them, whereas calicos are white based with color

Thanks MA! What a gorgeous colour as well!
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Hi Stephanie...more possible names for your new furbaby are sweet Serena, Samantha & Sara.. I am having to much fun with names...stop me.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
OH Steph, this is so wonderful...I"ve thought of an S name too! SUSIE!

Very nice, Susie.

Steph thank you sooo much for the PM, I would probably have missed this --
and I honestly think Emma is right - you wre chosen to find her! You were! Whether to put her with Sierra or shepherd this little fluffball to a new home, who could argue that you would be THE best caretaker to do this? If I was a kitten, being found by you would be angelic.

As proprietor of the Maple Valley S-team, I can add that I love the names Saffron, and Samantha. How about Sage? or Sundae? or Soleil?
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Oh Steph! This is so exciting! I'm sure she's really happy with you, and I hope Sierra wants a new siblings. Good luck with the little one, vibes coming your way!

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Absolutely - well said Eddie. This little kitty must have known that Stephanie was in the area and was just waiting to be rescued by our sweet friend.

I know that Stephanie will know exactly the right thing to do for Little One.
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Awww, the kitten sounds so sweet!!!
I'm sure Sierra will be a wonderful big sister!

She sounds about the same age as the kittens my nephew found last summer, for them I used both KMR and wet kitten food.

Sending lots of good vibes for a good vet visit!
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Nice Try dear Susie! ...

Oh my.....my humble suggestions for name for this lovely angel would be:

I figure how lovely is she!!
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That kitty is so lucky to have you find her. Hopefully Sweet Sierra will welcome her in time as well!
My 14 year old had a bit of a time when I brought a new kitten in but now he enjoys her adoring him! He still shows he is the boss though...
Good luck to you. I cannot think of a better home for this baby. God sent you there to rescue her!
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I must have missed the boat on this (I guess it was too early in the day to read your email) because I didn't know you actually decided to give this a shot! I hope the vet visit goes O.K. I hope Sierra is fine. You know, she just might really like having some company while you are at work You do have my condolences though, for the material things you have around your place. Enjoy those while you can before they are destroyed I really shouldn't say that - Megan was a rather sedate kitten except she hung from the top of the drapes a lot.

I like Saffron. Since "Sierra" is tied to geography, what about "Sahara" Those two sound alike though. They might get confused on who you are calling.
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I like Saffron - goes well with Sierra. All the best with the kitten, Stephanie.
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How about Sienna ....(Sierra and Sienna )
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I think we could have a real showdown for some good names for this little cutie!
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OOooh I like that suggestion of Samantha!

Congratulations dear Stephanie & Sierra!
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Awww Stephanie, bless you for being there her, she sounds like such a sweet girl! Congrats on the new addition; I had hoped as I was reading that you had decided to keep her. I can't imagine a better meowmy or big sister for her.

I have to join in on the naming bandwagon; here's some names and their meanings:

Samara ~ guarded by God
Serena/Serenity ~ peaceful one
Savarna ~ daughter of the ocean
Sarea ~ name of an angel

If I think of any more I'll let you know!
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YAY! I am so happy for you and Sierra, and especially the new little one that was blessed by you finding her!!!

I can't wait to see pictures of this new little sweetie!!!
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Good luck with introducing Sierra to this kitten Stephanie. I can't imagine Sierra would accept her at first, but I guess you'll know that rather quickly. So far I like the name Saffron too. She could be "Saffy" for short.
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Stephaine, bless you for taking in this precious little kitty, she sounds beautiful! I sure hope everything works out with Sierra. I understand how nervous you must be. Congrats!
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Yeah name her stacy! Ive never seen a cat with my name before hehe

Originally Posted by LilleKat
Oooo those pics are so cute Susan! I suppose it gives an older cat a little kitty to "mother" a bit. I guess if you had two cats of a similar age then perhaps territory might become an issue...
Saba - woman of Sheba (I was thinking of cat food at the time, sorry)
Stacy - ressurection
Suki - loved one
Summer - speaks for itself really
Saida - fortunate one
Sakari - sweet
Salimah - safe, healthy


Perhaps that might be of some help...
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Good luck to you Stephanie in whatever you and Sierra choose to do. I might as well get on the bandwagon..Savannah, since she's a Southern belle!
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I am so glad I caught this thread Stephanie! I love muted torties. I am sure this new little one is just precious! I hope all goes ok with the introductions and I too can't wait to hear an update and see pics.
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You guys are so fantastic, thank you!I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support and encouragement for the 3 of us, sharing your personal experiences, your incredible wisdom, and the excellent name suggestions! Since I'm not naming every name of our friends, I won't name any. You all know just who you are and how precious you are to us! These name suggestions are great! I would never have though of most of these! Keep it up, you guys!
I've had such a time getting on line today! We aren't home yet, so I'm still using this dial-up with the laptop if and when it will let me!
We were unable to get into the Vet Tues. They were slammed and since this was a non-emergency, could not fit us in. They have made us a spot for Wed. afternoon, then we plan to head home. I will be so relieved to get the results of her tests. Little One has done very well today! I'm proud to say she has had her first real poop!She had previously had a teeny, 1 1/2 inch long, rather hard poop slightly larger than the width of spaghetti. MA made the point that she may have gone quite some time without food and if she was eating, there's no telling what it was. This poop was more normal consistency and amount! Her little sides had been so skinny with her delicate little ribs sticking out. Now she has a rolly polly tummy! I will do as you recommend, MA, and get KMR to mix with her water as well as sterilized pebbles.
She has spent a bit more time awake today whereas she had been only sleeping, eating, and going potty. She's so adorable and beautiful with her unique coloring! She and Sierra have, of course, still had no contact whatsoever. I am now wearing my "contaminated" clothes with Little One in my lap and following a feeding and potty, will get her to sleep, shower and change to be with Sierra.
My sweet little Sierra threw up earlier today, but has since been eating wonderfully. She is not behaving in a stressed manner at all, but is just as sweet and lovable as ever! We have been having plenty of snuggle and play time just for us!
Thank you, again, you guys, for all of your support! We just couldn't possibly tell you how special this is to us!
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Here is a suggestion for a name Selica pronounced Sa-lis-a I am not sure of the meaning for that name but I know it's a pretty name.

Oh CONGRATS to you and the Sweet Sierra and the new little one whatever her name shall be. We will welcome her into the group with open arms and lots of belly rubs Can't wait to see pictures of her
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Your Little One Pooped
Stephanie...the three of you are in my thoughts & prayers.
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Thank you, Lei and Cathi!
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