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Glad to hear things are improving slightly! My thoughts are with you that things continue to go somewhat smoothly!
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I know that is very upsetting to see sweet Sierra so off balance emotionally & that you have valid concerns about her health. If you trust your current vet's skills...you might want to ask him/her, if Sierra needs to be checked, to rule out any health problems because of her shortness of breath. She is probably fine, but at her age, you might want to be sure. The babies could not have a better nurse...Mommy.
Stephanie...if you decide that for Sierra's well-being, you must find a different loving home for Serenity...I support whatever you need to do, to ensure that Sierra continues to thrive.
You have a very strong faith...
I am still praying that Serenity will recover, Sierra will be fine & that your life settles down so that you can enjoy a fun summer at the beach.
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Thanks for the update, Steph! I am continuing to pray for you guys and you're still in my thoughts. As for Sierra's shortness of breath--it sounds similar to what Sui does when she hisses. She sort of "huffs" after her initial hisses. I think it is her smelling the air and a "keep your distance" warning. She does that to the other cats when play gets a little rough. You know your baby better than anyone, though. I hope she becomes more relaxed with the situation. Hugs and kisses comin' your way!!
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I know you are stressed, but it sounds to me like things are progressing in a normal fashion. You need to remember to not expect Sierra to relax at the moment and you will get hissed at as she figures out what is going on. You are home now right?

The sounds you hear Sierra make is called chuffing- it is just a warning signal to the other cat that Sierra is Alpha and the kitten better understand that. They will get along, and I commend you for not giving up on this situation and throwing in the towel and turning Serenity over to a cat shelter or another home. It really is going at a normal rate from all you have posted.
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I don't know if this helps or not, but when George gets mad at me, he will start making little snorts of air through his nose - like a bull. I know he's about to attack me when I hear that. Hope things are better soon, but she's not attacking her or anything which is good.
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Thank you so much, Sam, Laurel, Dan, Sarah, Beth, Susan, Kelly, MA, Karen, Lei, Lacey, and Chris! Your encouragement means so much! I really appreciate you sharing your personal stories, Beth, Chris, Kelly, and Susan! Sounds as if Felicity, George, Sui, and Rosie all had similar reactions to the addition to their family! MA, thank you for this information abot chuffing and the encouragement that we're on the right track! With all of this, I feel so much better that Sierra's behavior is normal and she's just continue to make it clear that she's in charge! Lei, I truly appreciate your understanding of my deep love and extra protection of Sierra! We're doing our very best and planning only for the positive, it's just so special to me that you are understanding if there should be a need to change our plans in Sierra's best interest! You're so right, these are all issues to discuss with her Vet!
Sierra remains symptom free of this nasty URI and I plan for her to remain as such! She's doing so well with Serenity! I'm just so proud of her! Serenity's symptoms are definitely subsiding, no more sneezing and much less drainage! We continued our progress today. Serenity continues to receive a hiss when she invades Sierra's space, and has had 2 warning swats today when she thought it would be fun to play with Sierra by doing her little twisty butt and running towards her. Sierra doesn't find this fun at all and was quick to remind her little sister of that fact! Sierra wouldn't eat in the same room with Serenity today, but she is eating well otherwise. We've had our special time together and then Sierra had the run of the house for a while while Serenity was confined. Sierra gave me a rather painful bite earlier when I was holding her. She suddenly saw Serenity and redirected her emotions at me. I know this is normal, but it still makes me sad for her to do that. She's still my sweet baby girl, just as loving as ever!
As I type this, I am amazed at our present positions! I am sitting on the bed, sitting up against the headboard with my legs outstretched. Sierra is snuggled against my left arm, and Serenity is sleeping between my knees! Serenity continues to eat constantly! Each time she decides it's time to eat, she sounds as if she's starving having never had a meal!We're up and down several times all night for a feeding and potty. Each time I place her in the litter tray, she requires a reminder why she's there! She always thinks the little tray makes a perfect toy! I've been leaving one of her pee spots in there, and usually after she smells that, she'll go. Her stools are firming up a bit, but she still needs her bottom cleaned after each one. She hasn't gotten the hang of covering in the tray after she goes as well as she hasn't learned to groom herself yet. That's my job!
Thank you guys, again, for your continued support!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
I am amazed at our present positions! I am sitting on the bed, sitting up against the headboard with my legs outstretched. Sierra is snuggled against my left arm, and Serenity is sleeping between my knees!
sounds like things really are going very well for you all - keep on the good work you three
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Oh Stephanie, it's getting better as each day goes by

Sophie used to jump sideways towards Rosie wanting her to play, and Rosie would bop her on the head as if to say NO!!!, then Sophie would crouch down on all fours just looking up at her

It is upsetting when you see them being mad at you, but i have every confidence that it will stop eventually

So pleased Serenity is getting better now though!
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LOL, oh Steph, your stories remind me of each time I brought a kitten home, first Petals with Trixie and then Tiggy with the two girls. Heck, there is still hissing going on when they play, but it's just thier way of either playing or telling the other, I'm not in the mood to play. Just keep reminding yourself that it all works out.............of this I have no doubt! Have you posted any pics yet that I might have missed?
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ooofftah! i just read all 16 pages so im going to keep this short It shoulds like you are doing an amazing job with them, and i wish you the absolute best
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Stephanie - things are going so well. I know it feels bad when you see Sierra hiss or show her displeasure, but look at the positives too. She is well on the way to acceptance much quicker than my girls ever were. The very fact that she will sleep next to you while Serenity is lying on your knees is wonderful . Sierra - you get tons of scritches from me for being such a good, brave girl.

I keep sending positive vibes for continued progress. You are all doing a fantastic job. This bit is always the most stressful - but it comes out good!!!
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Stephanie, It sounds like you are all making a lot of good progress! Your present position must be very encouraging!

I'm still sending lots of }}}VIBES{{{ that the progress continues in such a positive way! I am sure it will all work out brilliantly!

Sending lots of scritches to Sierra and Serenity! Tibby and Molly send lots of purrs and snuggles too!
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I've not kept up with this thread too well, but I jsut wanted to say I think Serentiy is such a beautiful name Still sending vibes!
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Steph....I cannot begin to tell you how excited and happy I am for you . Things are definitely progressing as they should and there is no doubt in my mind that Sierra is going to be just fine with her new sister. Your situation sounds almost identical to how it was when I introduced Cosy to Eppie. Before you know it, it'll be Sierra initiating the play with Serenity

Cannot WAIT to see pictures of the sweet little one. And I really cannot wait to see the first picture you capture of Sierra licking her little sister- it's just a matter of time!
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Sweet Sierra & baby Serenity were sleeping near each other on your bed last night? That is real progress.
I am so relieved that Serenity's symptoms seem to be improving.
Stephanie...you have a delightful way with words.
Your description of Serenity coming towards Sierra with her "twisty butt" really paints a vivid picture.
"I am a tough kitten Sierra...don't mess with me."
Sierra is such a good girl. She is being very tolerant toward her little sister.
I am sending lots of prayers your way...
xo xo xo
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Steph, the news continues excellent! Sleeping near each other -- a definite yes!! The negotiations seem to be going well.

I remember Shasta when Gryph and Nibs came to us -- Shasta who had been an only cat for 14 years. I was a traitor first class. She did get over it, but she wasn't sleeping by my side this soon, let alone with either of the guys that near! And there continued to be some swearing at the guys for a long time -- for the human's benefit, I am certain, because it also wasn't unusual to come upon her with one of them, when they didn't expect to be seen, being very lovey, and for that behaviour to be abruptly stopped, when they became aware of my presence. Mustn't let the human know.

Glad Miss Sierra remains healthy and Miss Serenity's symptoms seem to be clearing. Scritches for both of them, and for their very special Mum.
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Okay, I'm just catching up on this thread too. I'm glad to hear there's been some progress with Serenity and Sierra. It reminds me of when Jess had to get used to Onyx.
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YAY!!! Getting better by the day! I'm so happy to hear it!!!

You're doing a wonderful job, Stephanie!!!
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I'm so glad things are improving and Serena is feeling better You are doing a great job
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Glad to hear things are improving. We've all had our "adjustment to the new kid" times and are right there with you in spirit all the way. So glad Serena is better! I love her name
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Any more updates, or pictures?
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This is really great news, Steph! YAY! I think that Sierra and Miss Twisty Butt will be lifelong sisters and friends. I continue to sense this is a good match and Sierra will do fine!!! Both of them will flourish in your care and what a house of sisters - all 3 of ya!
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Thank you, each one of you, for offering your constant support, encouragement, and advice! Thank you also for continuing to inquire how we're doing!
Being a Mommy of two is such a new experience for me, just so wonderful! I'm still just so proud of my sweet Sierra as she learns to a big sister. She continues to simply tolerate Serenity, but her hissing has decreased somewhat. Serenity has yet to learn that Sierra does not enjoy be charged at as a form of play! How many of these "stay back, I mean it" swats will it take for her to get it?
Sierra did something amazing last night. They are still eating from completely different dishes as a precaution as well as they are eating different foods. Well, I had turned around for hardly a couple of seconds, and looking back saw that Serenity decided Sierra's food looked better than her own. Sierra had stepped back and was watching Serenity eat her food without saying a word! That's my sweet baby! Sierra does have two new behaviors, though. She has stopped covering her pee and poop in her litter tray, wanting to make the point that "I'm Alpha, and don't you forget it!" I feel rather sad about the other, though. Night before last, she slept under the covers, which only does when it's cold,
it was quite comfortable in our room, and then last night, she slept in her Kitty Perch in the window. I don't even remember the last time she didn't sleep on me. I could hardly sleep a wink. She's eating great, though, yet she hasn't had much to say the last few days. We're still enjoying our special one on one time every day.
Serenity is nolonger showing symptoms of the URI, and I'm thankful beyond words that Sierra has remained symtom free!Serenity still has to finish this course of antibiotic, of course. She's such a precious, happy little girl! I finally replaced the battery in my camera and really look forward to getting them up! Tonight, she had her first adventure in a paper bag! I hope these turn out as cute as they looked when taken! As soon as Serenity got out of the bag, Sierra ran in to play and have her photo taken as well! Serenity's eyes have very subtly begun to change colorl Right now we learning that skin doesn't make a good toy! I frequently must redirect her from biting my hand to an appropriate toy. Her favorite toy so far is a little teddy bear which she enjoys biting, then rolling over and rabbit kicking! I've been trying to get the perfect picture of her with her teddy! Serenity still has the tiniest little birdie voice! Wish you guys could just hear her when she's "starving" and chirping all about it!
Thank you again, each of our friends who are keeping up with our progress and sharing your encouragement, prayers and well wishes!
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One step at a time, things sound so very positive! Still waiting to see a pix of this wee one
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Aw glad little Serenity is getting better. Pictures pleeeeease!!
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Cute update Steph. It sounds like things are getting better and better!
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Sounds like things are going well, so make with the pics allready...lol
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Thank you guys so much! I need to explain, the reason I haven't posted pics yet is I'm still out of town with my girls and staying with family. My company where I work suddenly got a new little premie baby near where my family lives and have asked me to help them start the case. She weighs 5 1/2 pounds, so adorable, and a great experience! That's why I haven't been able to download pics yet and also why I'm still on this lousy dial up with the laptop. We're going home on Tuesday, and wow, I can't even tell you how much we're looking forward to it! This visit with family got old after about 3 days!
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I can't wait to see pictures when you get home! I bet you will be so glad to get back!

It is exciting that you have been able to start the case! How sweet she must be - and so tiny!

I hope everything is still goin well with your girls!
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More excellent news!!!. Serenity sounds like Sophie does when she leaves her food bowl and pushes in on Rosies Because of this i have to sit and watch, because Rosie would just stand back and let Sophie eat it, but she'll look up at me as if to say " Mum she's eating my dinner again! "

Rosie also does the litterbox thing as well, because when she steps off she gives it a couple of flicks which doesn't cover it, so Sophie goes on after her and covers it for her

Don't worry Sierra will come back to you, Rosie has with me
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