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Serenity is perfect!

I am so pleased to read your updates, Stephanie! It is great that the integration progress is going so well! As everyone has said - I am sure Sierra will love her new sister in no time! You are doing such a wonderful job!

I look forward to seeing some pictures and reading more updates!
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What terrific progress! How wonderful Sierra is doing ! She's going to be a great "big sister" !
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Things sound to be progressing wonderfully, Stephanie! Serenity sounds like a little cutie and Sierra is such a sweetheart to be doing so well with her!
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Reading your updates makes me. . . !!
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oh my gosh, I wanna see a picture of Serenity in her little pouch so bad!!! Such a sweet visual!

I'm so excited that they keep getting closer. Sounds as if it's only getting better from here! Pretty soon they'll be cleaning each other!!! yay!!!

Thanks for the update!!!
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Maybe Sierra, Rosie, and Eponine can start a big sister support group . Sounds like things are developing WONDERFULLY! I'd love to see a picture of little Serenity in her pouch; I bet she looks adorable . I'm so happy for your growing family, Steph
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Thank you guys soooo much! Sierra says the Big Sister support groups sounds to be a great idea!
Well, back to the Vet today for Serenity. She does extremely well, even tolerated a thermometer up her little back side with only the slightest flinch! She then fell asleep on my shoulder as the Vet examined her! We saw a different Vet today, and I once again pointed out the drainage from her nose and eyes and that she had sneezed twice today, she also has a slight temp. The Vet said she has a URI. This bothers me a great deal, because I pointed out these very symtoms Tuesday, specifically asking about a URI, and the Vet said it was nothing! I'm upset because now all this time she's been in close proximity to Sierra due to my encouragment, and they even touched noses last night! Oh, how I couldn't stand for my sweet baby to get sick because I brought in Serenity. Serenity is on Clavamox now, twice a day for two weeks. The Vet also prescribed another dewormer for her to have today, tomorrow, and then on July 7th.
She has lost down to 7 oz from her previous 8oz. Unbelievable as much as she eats! I suppose these are some well fed worms. I'll be so glad when they're finally out of her! She got another bath tonight because she made such a mess somehow rolling in her food!She has also had these runny stools giving her a dirty little bottom. I'm also putting olive oil on her bottom because it's a bit sore. You'd never know she was sick, though, she's so full of energy!
Sierra is still doing wonderfully! Such a sweet baby girl! This is our one on one time, and she's snuggled up here with me as I type She did very well with Serenity today, only hissing when Serenity invaded "her space"! Now that we've come this far with our introductions, we're sort of having to take a step back since Serenity has this URI. They will be completely separated once again as a precaution even though she's already been exposed.
Thank you guys for your continued support and encouragement!
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I am sorry for the uri I look forward to when you can say Serenity is worm-free, sneeze-free and gaining weight. My thoughts and prayers for Sierra to not have picked up Serenity's uri, and that it is a mild case that Serenity quickly kicks.

Give both these special girls, a little nose kiss from me.
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This means so much to me, Pat, thank you. Yes, many prayers requested that my Sierra won't have picked this up as well as Serenity's prompt perfect health!
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I will be praying that sweet Sierra's healthy immune system keeps her safe while little Serenity heals quickly.
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Aw poor little Serenity. She's in my thoughts.
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That's disappointing, Stephanie! I hope the wee one kicks this URI and gets over her worms quickly, and that Sierra doesn't pick up the bug. Lotsa get/stay healthy vibes headed your way.
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Fingers crossed that Sierra doesn't pick anything up from us as well

This little separation might do them good because i remember when i had to take Sophie for her 1st injection i had to put her in her carrier downstairs while Rosie sniffed at the bottom of the door in their room making trill noises when she heard Sophie meowing, which to me sounded like she was missing her So it'll be interesting to see Sierras reaction if she hears Serenity?!.
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Aw, poor little Serenity! Sending get-well-soon vibes her way for a quick recovery so we can get back on track with the introduction!!!

Please give them both kisses from me and Juicy!!!

--Stephanie, you are awesome for rescuing Serenity!!!
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Oh how disappointing for you, Stephanie, especially as you pointed it out! *sigh*

I really hope that serentiy is all better soon and that Sierra hasn't contracted anything!

Sending lots of Healthy }}}VIBES{{{ your way!
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OH Steph, some day you will look back at all this and smile.......it will all be ok, you'll see!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
OH Steph, some day you will look back at all this and smile.......it will all be ok, you'll see!
My thoughts exactly.

I know you've got to be beside yourself with anxiety over all of this. We all THINK we know how much you love your Sienna, but I have a feeling that we haven't got this first hint about how deep your feelings for each other really run. If life with Serenity doesn't work out, then it simply doesn't work out. You've gotten a lot of encouragement to keep her on this site and certainly loads and loads of great advise. But Sierra is very important to you and I don't think anyone wants to jeapordize that relationship you both share. I don't mean to be all negative, but I felt I needed to say this.

You are doing an awesome job with the wee one. She sounds like a doll!
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Aww Steph, I've been MIA for a while, but I am so glad to hear that Sierra's gettinga little sister! I hope she knocks out the last of the cold and the worms, and gets back to meeting Sierra soon!

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Just came across this thread. Congratulations on your new little one, Stephanie! She sounds so adorable. I've only been on TCS for a few months, but it's obvious what a wonderful, devoted mommy you are to Sierra. Serenity (a beautiful name) is so lucky to have found both of you! Sending good vibes that the introductions progress well. Sounds like Sierra is reacting pretty normally under the circumstances. I was concerned about bringing a male kitten into a home with a 12 year female cat, but Pete and Katie have become good buddies and even play together, so I'm sure your baby girls will work out their relationship with time. Will look forward to more updates and pictures of your precious new addition!
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Ahhh...I think Serenity will be a great sis during Sierra's golden years.

I hope Sierra doesn't pick up the sniffles, but she is bigger so hopefully her own immune system will fight it.
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Steph, when I brought Cosy home for the first time, she had a URI (as many kittens coming out of the Humane Society do), but she was treated and, thankfully, Eppie escaped the bug. My thoughts and prayers are with you that Sierra escapes, too . I'm so sorry that your first vet said she didn't have a URI when she really did. Shame on that vet!
So glad everything else is going well and that the girls are touching noses- excellent sign .
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You, Sierra & Serenity have been on my mind all day. Prayers & good thoughts for three of my favorite girls.
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Thank you guys, once again, for your neverending support and encouragement. Thank you for sharing your personal stories. They are so helpful for us to learn as well as to know Sierra's reactions are not so out of the ordinary. It was most refreshing and touching to hear that you understand that this process is actually up to Sierra. Yes, we have such a bond, and she truly is the love of my life, my world, and this entire situation is really up to her. As I said, I will not jeopardize her health from excess stress. I have already unknowingly possibly exposed her to this URI. Thank you guys for your prayers that her strong immunity will fight it off before it's even an issue! That's what I'm believing!
I've had quite a time keeping them separated today. Sierra is staying in our bedroom and at the door there is positioned a sort of baby gate. Well, Serenity is so tiny she easily squeezes right through the bars! When Sierra and I are having our special quality time, Serenity thinks she's supposed to be in here as well because I am. Sometimes Sierra is very patient and tolerant, not minding her presence in the room just so long as she doesn't get on the bed or too much in her space. Sierra has several times given her a hiss to remind her who's boss, and Serenity certainly heeds her warning! My main concern then is after she hisses, she gets upset and sort of sounds short of breath. This only lasts for a couple of seconds after the hiss, but it still bothers me. She has also redirected her aggression at me and growled and swatted at my hand when I've gone to comfort her, something she never does. This too passes quickly, but is still bothersome, of course. Also, at night, I'm having to keep Serenity nearby because she requires her frequent feedings and wakes me when it's time to eat. She is therefore, spending the night in her box on the far side of the room from Sierra and me. I am continuing to ensure they have no direct contact, use the same dishes or the same litter box. I'm practically sterilizing all of Serenity's dishes! I really have to be sure Sierra is not exposed to this any more than she has already been. We'll all be glad to get on with the introductions!
Serenity has had less drainage from her eyes and nose today and no sneezing. She's still having the runny stools, though, and has a sore bottom. .She's already such a pro at taking her medicine! I just had to take a huge break from typing this because my little birdie thought she was starving and was chirping up a storm! Then time to potty, and afterwards she just got her bottom washed and olive oil applied.
Sierra had her first bit of not wanting to eat today when Serenity was in her box chirping away. So, I took Serenity elsewhere and gave her a little meal. Then returned to Sierra to spoon feed her meal which she then happily ate. Now my baby girl is snuggled up here with me having a little nap. Day by day, we're working this out! Thank you again, you guys, for all your support!
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Congrats on *mostly* tolerance of Sierra! I'm also glad to hear that Serenity is getting on the mend too. Lots of vibes for both your precious furbabies, keep us updated on the health issue for both! Bless you for taking such good care of sweet Sierra and Serenity.
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It sounds like it's going so well. Smooches to both the S girls!
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what a wonderful update Steph - sounds like things are moving along smoothly
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Stephanie, that's a great update! I am pleased that things are improving for you all!
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Aww Stephanie what a wonderful update. That noise that Sierra makes, if it's a strange kind of "huffing" after she hisses - that's what Tippy did when we brought Felicity home. She would hiss then there would be this kind of "hff hfff hfff" noise almost like a sneeze that never came and she would seem to pant just a couple of times. She was just having a misery - she soon got over it! After she got used to Felicity she was more loving than before and learned many more things about being a "real" cat that she never knew before, due to not having a mummy or siblings around when she was a kitten. I hope that's all it is for Sierra too.

You are all doing so well. Sending lots of good and healthy vibes to you all.
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Stephanie i feel like i'm reliving Rosie and Sophie meeting all over again!.

Can you remember when Rosie saw Sophie and she growled and hissed, but when i put my hand out to Rosie to sniff she hissed at me and batted my hand as if to say " I HATE YOU!!!!"

I broke down in tears because that was the one thing i didn't want to happen, but i was determined to carry on and not give up, and i'm so pleased i did

Like you say it soon passes, and once Sierra gets used to Serenity being there she will accept her.

I spent most of my time following Rosie around the house, who was following Sophie around the house, because you could see how curious she was of Sophie even though she didn't want anything to do with her, but i was just worried incase she jumped on her because like you i hadn't been used to having more than one cat.

I really think they will come through this because it's still early days.
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aw! Come on, Sierra, hurry up and accept your new baby sister!!!
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