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OK dawnofsierra- tell me how kitty is doing this morning?

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Last night, I get a phone call from Steph late at night, she is on a mission to save a muted tortie kitty she found in a parking lot. I tried to convince her to keep the little one and let Sierra have a playmate, but I think she just kept it with her dad- making this his 6th stray from her- LOL I guess TCS has rubbed off on her-

So Steph how is the little one?
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Oh i bet Sierra would love a little friend as well

Any pictures Stephanie?!
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Yes, Stephanie - how is your tiny one doing? Is she snuggled with you?
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(((((Good Vibes)))))) on the Way!!! ...
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Oh Steph! Please update us as soon as you can
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Stephanie...if I were a lost kitten, I would be so grateful, if you were the one who found me. I know that you will decide to do what is best for sweet Sierra, the little kitten, & your father. I hope everything goes well at the vets.
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I think you should keep it too Steph! LOL Couldn't find a better meomy if it tried! Hope we can see some pics Sis!
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how wonderful of her to save it! I hope hope hope we get to see pics!!!

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Looking forward to an update Stephanie...I know you will do what is best for Sierra and this lucky to be rescued kitty.
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Stephanie, looking forward to hearing an update on the little guy!
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Well done, Stephanie for saving this little kitty!

I can't wait to hear an update and hopefully see some pictures!
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Between caring for little one and keeping Sierra content, I've been a bit busy, so I'm just seeing this now! Sorry about that! Thank you guys for all cheering us on, and thank you, MA, as always for your wisdom! I found little one Sunday night in a park lot just inches from the road. She's just precious, teeny tiny and after an initial skittish period is just as sweet as she can be! You can hear her purring from across the room and has the teeny weeniest little voice! Sure wish I could post pics, but I'm still here visiting my parents and don't have the cable for downloading them onto the computer. Lots of pics promised as soon as we return home!
Kitty is still under quarantine right now. Plan to get her to the Vet later today to have her checked over and tested. For now I have my "contaminated" clothes to wear with her, then scrub down and change to be with Sierra. I'm not completely sure of her age, she still requires stimulation to go potty, but manages (which much mess!) to eat her wet food with a little water mixed in. She tried water for the first time earlier and had quite a time with it! She kept sticking her entire face in it and sneezing! I'm wondering if perhaps I should get her some KMR to mix in? It's been a while since I had such a tiny kitten. She sort of tottle walks, and her eyes have not begun to change, but are still a glazed over sort of blue.
MA pointed out my initial plan to leave her here, being the 6th kitty I've delivered to my Dad. (Some of you may recall he's a reformed self described cat hater. Now he adores them, and I often joke that he loves his little pride and joy Caleb more than he ever loved me! ) This little one will not be staying with him, though. This leaves Sierra and me to adopt her into our home.
Sierra has done wonderfully on this trip! She slept most of the drive here. She's eating well, and remaining quite relaxed even when I have to be out of her room to care for little one! I'm so proud of my little brave girl! Since I've been so precautious, she has not had even the slightest whiff of her yet.
I'm really not sure what exactly I will need to do. This will be completely up to Sierra. I cannot jeopardize her health by causing her excess stress. She has never allowed a new member of our family in the past, but we will take this slow and pray she is happy with having a little sister. I sure wasn't planning for a kitten to join our family right now!
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Aw Steph that's fantastic!! I'm so glad to hear she's doing so well. Are you going to name her while you have her? She sounds absolutely adorable! If you can't keep her, wrap her up in a red cross box, put a few airholes in and mail her to Copenhagen. We'll have her! All the very best of luck and some good vibes heading your way!
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May just be needing to take you up on that, Emma!
She hasn't named herself yet, but I'd really like her name to begin with S so Sierra and I can keep our little trend going!
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I think that would be just perfect! Was she abandoned, yes? Maybe you need to find a little name that means "little lost one" or something that tells you how she was found, how she came into your life.... I love names that have a real special meaning behind them. She sounds so wonderful though.... aaaawwww I would SO have her!! A friend of mine came around with a box of weeks old kittens wondering if I could give one of them a home, and I'd have taken all six of them if I weren't moving! They were sooooooo cute!! All fluff and big blue eyes and everything! Oh, you lucky thing!
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Sierra would probably love nothing more than for you to have her! You are certainly a fantastic Mommy!
I suppose was certainly abandoned. She's too tiny to have just wandered off from her kitty Mommy. The only other explanation would be that she was dumped. What kind of person would do that is just beyond me.
You're right, I definitely would like to find her a name with a lovely meaning behind it! Any suggestions would be well received!
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Oooooh Stephanie!!!!!

You know how i was when i was thinking on wether or not to get Sophie because i didn't want Rosie to change?!.

And you know how Rosie is with Sophie now?! or let me remind you!

The day Rosie accepted Sophie after being with us for 2 weeks

I know you have Sierras best interests at heart which is why i can't get a 3rd kitten because my vet advised me not to because we both think that a 3rd cat may stress Rosie, but like she herself said 2 cats are great company!
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Adorable, Susan! I have actually thought about the three of you alot the past couple of days for this very reason!
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Oooooh i've thought of a name!

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OH Steph, this is so wonderful...I"ve thought of an S name too! SUSIE!
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Oooo those pics are so cute Susan! I suppose it gives an older cat a little kitty to "mother" a bit. I guess if you had two cats of a similar age then perhaps territory might become an issue...
Saba - woman of Sheba (I was thinking of cat food at the time, sorry)
Stacy - ressurection
Suki - loved one
Summer - speaks for itself really
Saida - fortunate one
Sakari - sweet
Salimah - safe, healthy


Perhaps that might be of some help...
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Thank you so much for these, Emma! Your suggestions are lovely as well! How wonderful of you to give us so much thought and share these with us!
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Oh Stephanie, I am so pleased to hear that the little kitty is ok! I am so glad that you found her!

I hope that Sierra will enjoy to have a sister, as she found you in such a special way!

I think Emma's suggestion of Saida would be a great name for the little one!

Good luck at the vets - I hope it all goes well!
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Thank you, Sarah!
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I've just thought?, what colour is she Stephanie?!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
I sure wasn't planning for a kitten to join our family right now!
Most of us never are, are we? Life/Fate/God has a way of giving us situations we don't realize that we need, just when we need them (whether we can figure out why, or not!). Enjoy this new adventure!! My thoughts are with you and Sweet Sierra and your new little sweetie.
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I am so excited for you & sweet Sierra. I am praying that your furbaby's tests are negative at her vet appointment today.
At almost 11 years young, this may not be easy for Sierra, but if anyone can create a bond between your kitten & Sierra, it is you Stephanie. This kitten could turn out to be a blessing. What a joy that would be.
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Congrats on the new addition! That is one lucky kitty!
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Yeah!!!! For you and your new little one.
Keeping with the theme of "s" names you know I', partial to Sheba.
(I've actually had a Sierra too!!)
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Oh she sounds precious...and maybe 4 weeks old (giving a guess from your description of her walk and her learning to drink water - one that made me giggle )

I hope she'll be a good project for Miss Sierra to take on and mother...I bet if she decides she wants to, she'd be great
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