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Roman cats

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Hey, I just caught a bit of a story on CNN.

Apparently there are about 150 cats who live in the ruins of some temples in Rome. The city decided that they are part of the heritage and should be protected. I thought that was pretty interesting.

Anybody else hear anything about this?
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No - I had not heard that, but how wonderful!!!!! I hope that this includes feeding and medical tx?
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I saw a documentary about these feral cats living in the middle of Rome on TV a couple of years ago, it was an interesting program. There are people who bring them food every day and watch over them in general, but I can't remember if these cats were ever given any veterinary care.
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That is really cool, I'd never heard it before either.....I think cats always give a place a "magical/mystical" feel .....cool!
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that is a great thing to hear about...I think all stray everywhere should have some deal like that
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That's sooo cool! I'm so happy they've decided to so the right thing!

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