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getting into EVERYTHING

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i need some input please. my cat which i love deeply is driving me crazy. do kittens that are 6 months old go threw the so called terrible two's like children? he is into everything from knocking things off the counters{he's up there when i'm not looking and jumps off just as soon as i start walking his way]to hanging from my door stops that are pasted on the walls, which he has pulled off 5 of them. he knows that he's not supposed to do these things because like i said just as soon as we approach he he stops. will he out grow this stage. i tell my husband that he is almost as bad as a child.
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I am sure this is very frustrating, and reading about it makes me giggle. My little "troublemaker" will be four this year and though not as often, she still does those things she knows she is not supposed to. I can say from my own experience that with some time it will get better. I really think your little one is testing you. I also do believe in the terrible two's and that is probably where he is at. He wants to see what he can get away with, and how far he can push you. Bless their little hearts they are exactly like children. Can't take your eye off of them for a minute!! With patience and consistency, he will eventually figure out what he can do and what he cannot do. Although that doesn't mean he will always choose the right!
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LOL, yeah some are a little more energetic than others. I only had that problem with my first kitten, after we had a few, they all seemed to play with each other rather than tear through my house. They do grow out of it though..
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Thanks alot, it makes me feel better to know that he will get better with time. when i reread my post i to giggled. there is so much to learn about cats. my daughter steph is enjoying learning about them to. they play on the floor all the time she is his "big play toy." thanks alot.
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My kitten likes to knock things off of the night tables at night. For Valentines Day, there was a vase of roses on the dining room table and during the night he climbed on the table to knock it over. Every day we woke up to a mess. We had to put them out of his reach. During Christmas he liked to knock ornaments off of the tree. In the bathroom he actually tried to climb up to the sink and knocked the ceramic cup off of the vanity...and succeeded.

He also runs away everytime we approach him. He knows he should not be there. I think that he finds it like a game.
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Welcome to the world of cats..hehe. I have a few that are notorius for certain things. I have to keep the bathroom doors closed because one of them will knock the q tip jar off for the rest of them. Then I have the flower eater, who will sniff them out a mile away, we keep roses and bouqets where he cant get them now. Yes, you can train them to not do these things, but theres nothing they wont do when you are not around...hehe.
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How bizarre. My dear little one, loves the q tip jar too. However, she likes to eat the cotton off so I have to be very careful to not let her get to them. She also eats the baby's breath out of a vase of flowers. It makes such a huge mess. Got to love her for it
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Hi there,
One of my kitties likes to wait until everyone has gone out and get into a basket of dried flowers. The first time she did this I came home to find my bathroom and hallway completly covered in the remains of a nice bouquet of strawflowers. They're bad but we still love them!
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