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Does this sound reasonable for a Dyson?

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OK, I now (almost) own a tri-level home, and have five cats and a dog, so I'm thinking rather than lugging the 40lb Kirby (or however much it weighs, a short ton when going upstairs) all around, I might just get another lightweight vac, so I'll have one upstairs and one down. I've heard raves and raves about the Dyson Animal, but WOW was I shocked when I went window shopping!!

Enter my friend Scott (former roommate) who works for a major retailer which happens to sell a couple models of Dysons. He called me the other day and said he can get me a floor model Animal (which in this store is display only, never used) with all the attachments for $350US, before his employee discount (10%). Only problem? He's nearly 1000 miles away, so I'd have to wait until we can arrange to meet again to get it.

What do you all think? Should I get it? Would I be insane to pass up the deal?
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You'd be insane to blow that kind money on a dirt sucker. A $100 machine from Wally World will do just fine. ( Just my opinion )
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I agree - I think we get "snowed" into buying things through propaganda. Any mid-range good brand name vacuum will accomplish the same thing for about 1/3 to 1/4 the money.

Anyone remember "Filter Queen"! Same deal.
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I just bought one, and I really love it. I bought the low reach DC07 and paid 369.00 the animal was 479.00 but they didnt have it in stock at my local military p.x. (I dont have to pay taxes there thats why I bought it there) so I will just get the animal tool from another store, the vacuums are all the same, just with different tools and different colors, thats what makes the pricing different. It really has a lot of suction and I had looked at every vacuum out there. I didnt want to fool with stinky bags and the filters of the bagless. This one is the easiest to empty by far! Its a great vacuum. I think its a good price for the animal vac.
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Back in the 70's I sold Kirby's door to door (I'm sooo ashamed ). The distributor paid $186 from the factory by the time all the comissions were added the full blown Classic III with all the accessories was $950. That Dyson is all plastic for gawds sake and they want $500 for it.
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me and bf's sis last night had a long talk about our dreams of owning a dyson. We even thought about each paying half and having joint custody, but I don't think that would work. I mean it's just like anything else, why I must have a coach handbag or why someone must have nike shoes.
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The Dyson is worth it- I paid way more for mine than $350.00 but with a floor model you will be buying trouble.
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IMO I would say pass on it, you could have problems and if you do, what are you going to do, drive 1000 miles to take it back. It will not be worth in the long run IF something is wrong with it. There has been many times I bought appliances/electronics brand new in box and had problems with them, I hate when that happens, but it does.

Good luck with your new home.
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Dyson is worth it! I only have the 4 cats, but it picks up bird pellets, down feathers and regular feathers like a champ!
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Dyson is deffinitely worth it.
MIL bought the animal Dyson, vacuumed her entire house twice with her 'old' (fairly new) vacuum, then went over the house with the Dyson, she had to empty it twice and was amazed at how much her old vac didn't pick up.

She bought a second one so she can have one on each floor.
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Its worth it but i dont know if i would buy a floor model..

than again I bought mine on ebay, lol
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I may have to call him tonite and wire him the money tomorrow (He's a close friend, I'd trust him with my life). As I said, this is a display model, not a demonstration model, so I don't think there's any more risk of it having problems than a new one out of the box.

I'm really truly impressed with the $100 walmart one I have now, but I really feel I need a second vac for this huge house, and that stinkin' behemoth of a Kirby ain't it. I'd love to do a head to head w/mine and the new Dyson if/when I get it!
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I would get the Dyson. That is a great price. If he happens to work at Sears you might want to buy the Master Protection Agreement- then you can take it back to any Sears and have it fixed and tuned up with no additional cost. I've bought many a floor model in my day and I've never had a problem (my DVD player, my t.v., etc.).
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Good luck the dyson is is it is.
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