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Kittens in yard

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I found some kittens in my backyard and I dont know if I should try and catch them or leave them alone. They are very nice looking I am not sure how old they are maybe you all can guess. 2 others also came out later on. I have seen the parents before I am not sure which is the male or female does the female always stay with the kittens? I really just want to be friendly with them. Will they get used to me if I give them a drink once in a while?

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Adorable! Kittens are pretty hard to catch, though. You may need to get a humane trap. I am sure some of our resident experts can give you some advice.
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here is the other one. the 5th one I wasnt able to get a pic of

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Oh, what sweeties!
As my son says "Gotta catch 'em all!"
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They are very pretty kittens, and I would say 10-12 weeks old, old enough to be caught and adopted, once checked and socialised. If you are not familiar with cats (and you say you aren't) then is there a no-kill shelter or someone who can help you? The whole project is a bit of a handful if you are not used to it. If there is one adult cat around them it is the mom - the fathers don't stay around once they have mated. There may of course be a male waiting to mate with the female again - she has probably come into heat again by now. So you need to try and get her trapped if you can and spayed, or this will keep happening! Thank you for caring enough to seek help over this family.
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Good thing they didn't show up in my yard.... I'd have 5 more cats and hubby'd kill me.
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Wow they are very sweet, by feeding them and giving them water they will get used to you, and maybe become more friendly, If you can see somehow if there's any rescue groups where you live that may be willing to help you out, Good luck with the wee ones...
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If you can give us an idea of where you live, we might be able to help you find a rescue group that can help you with these kittens and the momma cat.
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Gosh, a couple of them look like they have Siamese in them. I wonder how they got out - they do not really look feral!! Poor babies!! I say get them all!!! Those babies need your help! And I agree- they seem about 12-14 weeks.
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OMG They are so cute!! I love the one in the second picture, with it's little tongue sticking out. I hope you can catch them and bring them somewhere safe.
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My barn cat had a "siamese" kitten once. Turns out a neighbor had a male siamese he let wander!
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They are so cute! They look like siamese mixes. One is a lynx point (the one with the tongue).
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Originally Posted by Talon

Good thing they didn't show up in my yard.... I'd have 5 more cats and hubby'd kill me.
Same here LOL hahahaha
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I'm not really sure where there nest is they kind of come into my backyard from other peoples yards lol they appeared this morning after I posted to look for more milk I got some new picture of them I even got the 5th one too. I am not sure if I am gonna capture them I would like to but it seems like a lot of work. My neighbors have spotted them in there yard and the were looking at them I got kind of jealous lol I hope that they dont try and trap them or call somone I like them hanging out around my house The kittens came into my yard to get away from them. I saw the mother or father a few hours ago I snagged a picture of him but it came out blurry I beleive that one is a house pet I seen him/her before on somone stoop. Here are the pictures

The 5th Kitten

The Mother or Father

Other pictures of them

These 2 let me get closer to them

Making his first appearnce to me coming from nextdoor

Going for a drink

The Shy White One I hardly see him and the dark grey one kitten #5
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He Ya'll,
I want to start off by stating this very importent fact that is ever present in my mind, which is: I myself have adopted one kitten and caught 3 kittens to take to a no-kill shelter.I KNOW that those kittens are very lucky to have you.All strays can use all the help they can get.When I adopted the stray I did, I had believed he was a 6 month kitten because he was so malnourished as to be less than 10 LBs.(Around 8 and a bit if I remember correctly.)He had been beaten with a wire, and his tail was broken in 2 places.Imagine my shock to learn he was a year and a half!!!He is now one of the most affectionate cats I have ever met, as well as playfull/sleek/handsome.Know that if you don't try, they could possibly die; as well as the fact that if you wait too long, they will become wild.BUT, if you try too early you will scare them off and lose all chances of suceeding.Your best bet is to go to the nearest shelter and ask for help. If that fails try to just always talk to them, take a book out and read and if you see them talk to them and leave them milk AND ABOVE ALL DON"T GRAB!!!!!Other than that, really try to ask a professional.Lots of luck to you and those little kittens(and their mummy.)Keep fighting the good fight.
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This morning I checked to see if the milk that I gave them was gone and it was still in there. Is this a sign that they are gone wouldnt they of drank it over night? I dont see them as of now maybe they will come back later inthe day. Did this happen to any of you? I really hope my neighbors didnt scare them off I saw one of them looking through bushes trying to find them after they went into their yard.
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Are you using cow's milk? If so, it can make the cats sick. Please use milk specially formulated for cats. You can usually find cat milk in the catfood isle of your local grocery store.

Also, even though it does take some work to trap the cats, it will be sooo worth it. Once they are trapped you can decide who to adopt (if any) and you can find homes for the others. can have them altered and vaccinated and then let them back into your yard.
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Yeah It was only a small amount of cows milk i wont give them it anymore if i see them. I havent seen them at all today I saw the mother i think leaving this morning and that was it do they move if they are disturbed? My neighbors might of made them leave or somthing cause they were giving them alot of stress on think by chasing them and staring at them alot. I do miss them they were very cool looking if I do see them again I might try and trap them. Whats an easy trap to make?
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Also, if they are still around and you don't trap them, later in the year you may see even more kittens.

The best thing to do is probably find a place/person/group you can borrow/rent a trap from. If we knew what area you were in some people may know where you could get them.
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I like a drop trap for kittens, my hubby made mine, that's how I got these 5 babies I have now, someone else may suggest something else though, there are links on TCS to show you a drop trap.
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How adorable are these little guy's omgosh
I'll say one thing, I really hope you live nowhere near me because I'd give my right arm for the white one with the dark marking's on his/her right eye
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I live in New York State. I didnt see them at all today I hope they come back sometime soon.
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oh my, I'm just catching this thread. Those kittens are GORGEOUS!!! wow! You are an excellent photographer, as well!

I hope they come back! Please keep us updated!!!

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I guess they left. Are they at the age where they start to go exploring? Do they usually not come back even after you gave them a drink?
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Originally Posted by shadow79
I guess they left. Are they at the age where they start to go exploring? Do they usually not come back even after you gave them a drink?
Just be prepared in case they do come back. Leave out food and water for them...they know your area and I am sending out "come back" vibes so you can trap and place them.

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Oh I hope they come back so you can trap them.

They're gorgeous.
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I would ask around - maybe someone else has trapped them.
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