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Heading to the Vet. - In a Complete Panic...

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Typing with trembling fingers here...excuse the spelling errors.

Something is very wrong with my 2-year old Persian male, Buster. He was fine up until this past Friday. He got his summer lion-cut on Wednesday night and has not been the same since.

I don't know if it is behavioral or physical. His appetite has been poor...this morning he did not even go to his food bowl for breakfast. He is lethargic and does nothing but sit and lay down.

My thoughts are this (rambling a bit...sorry...occupying my mind until we leave for the vet)...either
1 - Buster has a cold. It was extremely hot here the beginning of last week. The day he got his hair cut it was 20 degrees cooler and has been that way since the cut. I do hear a bit of congestion when he sleeps...though Persians are prone to this.
2. - Buster is depressed witihout his hair. I have 2 14-wk. old kittens that he used to chase and dominate in a loving way and now they are chasing him because his tail looks like a toy. Buster is so sweet that he is not swatting them back..he simply sits down when they are near. Funny...but not. They keep swatting his tail and his behind...his rear does look somewhat inflammed.
3 - Possible exposure to intenstinal parasites. I had a foster kitten that died about 2 weeks ago. I don't see signs of diarhea from him but he has no appetite today.
4 - The groomer possibly gave him something. She touches how many cats & dogs everyday? Possible.

Buster's sister Ashely (aslo Persian obviously), has no symptoms and is popping around the house like normal.

Go figure?

Thanks for letting me vent...time to get him in his carrier and fly to the vet. Very nervous...hate to play favorites in my house with the 4 fuzzy faces here but Buster is extra special to me. Love him to death.
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Buster...What's the matter sweetheart...don't you like having a tail for a toy? Be a good boy at your vets & have Mommy tell us what she found out.
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Please feel better, little Buster! Look forward to hearing you how your appt. goes!
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Oh i hope he's ok! Could he not be lethargic because of the hot weather?, because Rosie and Sophie are shattered with it and they havent ate much either.
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Okay. Back from the vet. with Buster.

He has 104 and hopefully it is nothing more than a cold/flu. His blood work results will be back tomorrow morning, so keeping fingers crossed that is nothing more than a cold.

As I mentioned, he did his hair cut last week when it was in the 90's here and since his hair cut the temperature hasn't gone above 82. Figures.

Well, we were sent home with antiobiotic and they did administer some fluids/IV, took some blood, took his temperature, checked his heart, ears, mouth and eyes...$265.00 later. I now feel sick!!

Going to try to get him to eat something. Thanks for the ears out there.
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Awwww bless him I know it's burnt a hole in your pocket but if it makes Buster well again?!.

Keep us updated when you get his results back tomorrow.
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Thanks for the update I know what vet visits are like having only been last night in a mad panic! Take care, and your pic of Buster with his little lion tail is so cute
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I hope Buster is feeling better real soon!
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Get well soon, Buster!
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Buster...I am so sorry that you don't feel well. You have my prayers that you feel better really soon honey pie.
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Poor Buster - I hope you feel well soon sweet boy you have excellent humans to care for you there.
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Poor Buster How is he today?
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Hoping that Buster feels better soon!
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Here's hoping Buster feels better soon! I bet it's a combo if many things - the groomer's touching so many animals, hot weather, the stress of the grromers, a kitty cold!! I'll keep him in my thoughts!!!
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This thread made my blood run cold. A few years ago at a professional groomers, one of my cats died three days after getting a lion cut. Come to find out they bathed him in toxic shampoo it had tea tree oil in it- I am praying this is not the case with Buster-
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PMG Hissy!! That makes me cry - but it's been a weepy day. You would think they would know better! I groom my cats myself but a Siamese has short gair. Sphynxes are a whole other matter again - they need much washing and cleaning but I do it myself (these are my foster kitties who I am caring for while their meomy is very ill).
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Oh, poor little Buster. I hope he is feeling better real soon.

Oh, Hissy, what a scary thought! How sad for your furbaby - and for you!
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