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Your first kiss?

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Ok call me a sop, but I was going through all my photographs, choosing which ones I'm going to take away with me, when I came across the ones of me with my first serious boyfriend. Wow, did that bring back a few memories or what!? I did remember he was my first kiss too I was 13 at the time, and it was dark at the back of our old primary school... and at that time of your life, why is it that suddenly kissing becomes such a huge deal!? It's laughable now!!So when was yours? How old were you... and did you finish up as clumsy as we were!! This could give someone a few giggles I bet!
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I remember mine! Though I almost wish I didn't It was my first boyfriend, in front of 10 people, on a dare

I also remember my first kiss with Brandon, WOW!
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My first kiss was with Shawn Cassidy............ (too bad it was just a poster of him)
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A poster of Shawn Cassidy? I'm so glad my first kiss had more personaity I'll never forget my first kiss with Rune It still gives me goosebumps!
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I was about 12 years old and he was called Howard!

Nuff said on that one, the name was bad enough!
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I was in 5th grade- this boy used to chase the girls around the asphalt holding out his retainer! Ewww! LOL We would all flee screaming...

One afternoon, John caught me. I froze expecting this awful retainer thing to be thrust in my face- when suddenly he leaned into me and kissed me hard and quick.

We later hooked up in the 7th grade went steady for two years then he moved out of the area. I often wonder what happened to him.
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It was a Full-Court-Press date, you know, corsage, candy, meet the parents, tickets to Swan Lake, taxi both ways, sweaty palms, nervous twitches, and when I brought her home, she enveloped me in a 5-second smooch that buckled my knees and made bells ring, HONESTLY, I heard them ! !

I think it was about a $75.00 evening, but I got a FREE kiss.

The taxi driver had a hard time getting my address out of me.

After I married, I made the mistake of mentioning the "first kiss" to my wife, and she became insanely jealous, and the girl I dated went through several marriages over the years, and my wife never failed to mention to me that I could have been "number one" in the long list.

I heard that the lass finally settled on a good one, got her own act together, and became a respectable matron of the community and a rather successful bank officer in a large institution.

I have often thought of sending her a birthday card, but of course I will not do it, because, as they say, "You can't go home again", and those bells only ring once, but man, if it's done right, once is enough ! !

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small town, hot summer night, street party going on just a block away. My crush and I snuck off down a dark alley, he sat down on top of a post, drew me in and gave me a long slow kiss.
Yah, I remember. I was nearly fifteen and still thought kissing was something special to be shared with someone you really cared for (I believe that to this day - I can't kiss on a first date!) I'd had a crush on this guy for a year, and couldn't believe that he liked me too!!! I was ten stories high that night as I wrote down every single detail in my diary (w/a lock and a picture of a kitty on the front)
He and I never dated - it was more of a summer fling, and we kept in touch off and on throughout high school. I met him and his wife at the mall one afternoon and we started chatting like old friends do, while she shot daggers from her eyeballs. I had absolutely no designs on her man, but I do still think of him fondly.
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As far as my first peck goes, I was 11 and dating this kid named TJ. Everyone wanted us to kiss, so after school one day all of his friends gathered around. TJ was shorter than me so he stood on the sidewalk and I stood a few inches below on the grass and we pecked...with his friends all standing there. It was so dorky.

My first REAL kiss though was at 14. It was with this kid Chad. We were at the Boardwalk and decided to ride the Flight Simulator. I'm all strapped into my seatbelt when suddenly he undoes his and the next thing I know he's lunging at me. It was a terrible kiss.
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Summer camp, I was 14. This boy was living in the town where the camp was, he was 15. He would come to the camp in the evenings, we would talk....on the last night we were there, I snuck out to meet him, and that night he kissed me. Never saw him again, he told me to write to him but he never gave me his address. He was such a player! Ah well, it was fun
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At a church picnic would you believe, I think I was about 13 at the time.
A lovely looking boy of pacific Island heritage, went to church with his cousin it turned out.
We went for a walk together after having talked most of the day, up on the side of a hill, found a clearing in the bush and lay down on the grass to keep talking and then he started kissing me, mmmmmmmmmmmmm
His chuch ward was a different area to mine and I didn't see him again but we talked on the phone a few times.
The calls stopped after we got our end of year school reports, he got 92% for English and was DISSAPOINTED, I didn't dare tell him about my 65%
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I had my first kiss when I was 10 years old. She was the prettiest girl in the class.
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I was on vacation with my family and he was staying at the resort next door to ours. I was 14 and we were standing on the side of his cabin in the dark. Then we had to leave 3-4 days later and I was devestated. He had braces but I didn't even notice them, I was so caught up in the moment.
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Wow, compared to you guys...

My first kiss was when I was 21 with my current boyfriend. At his appartment, his roommates were wandering around, including a giant bear of a man clutching a martini glass and a literally insane man from Germany (he'd been in a coma).

Worth waiting for though.
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his nose + my eye = me pretending that it never happend
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I was NINETEEN when I got my first REAL kiss from a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD GUY!!!!!!! When I first met him, I assumed he was older cuz he acted and looked so mature. He was pretty aggressive in chasing me and by the time I found out how old he REALLY WAS, it was too late for me..

It was really ironic cuz he was a WOMANIZER- kissed zillions of gals and was very experienced while I was a NOVICE and I was older than him!?

One night Ken and I slipped away from the camp we were at (at an university), found a dark spot nearby then he started kissing me.. It was GREAT but I didn't know what to do with my hands while kissing!!!!!!!!

I also didn't know that some of my friends had followed us and could see us kissing thru a window! When we walked back into the dorm, I felt like I was FLOATING then CRASHED to the floor when my friends started snickering at me! They teased me FOREVER about that and after that whenever Ken and I slipped out to kiss, I always looked around to make sure no one could see us making out..

Still wonder about him- how he is doing, where he is, if he's married yet... He took it really hard when I broke up with him a year later..
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Well I see that I am not the only one here....but I was 19 when I got my first kiss and it was from my husband. We'd been dating for a few months at the time and I thought he was never gonna kiss me! All in all I think it went pretty well. When I was younger I never dated anyone, therefore no kiss. I spent a few years enamored with an older guy I'm terribly greatful I did not date now and I just never paid any attention to guys my own age till college. Then I met DH and been kissin him ever since! Our first kiss was in the living room where we live now. I still get the tinglies thinkin of it.
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I was 12 and he was my best friend's brother. He was 13 at the time. It was horrible,but so funny! He just closed his eyes and opened his mouth!!! I started laughing at him and just went in for the kill. The kiss was probably the worse kiss that I have ever had and he never got any better from what I hear I started "dating" another boy a year or so later and he was a pretty good kisser. We "dated" on and off until I was 15. I wish I had waited though. I was my fiancee's first kiss and I just think that is the coolest thing ever. I really wish he had been my first kiss as well- that first kiss was the nicest/best kiss I have ever had.
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I was 14, having a bad day, and my first boyfriend (his name was Neil) grabbed me and kissed me right before he got on the school bus to go home!

That is, unless you count the little British boy that lived next door to me when I was about 4. His name was Jamie, he told me he fancied me, kissed me, and I shoved him off of the porch and went back inside of my house.
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aww, what a cute thread!

my first peck? was with a boy called daniel, it was my 12th birthday party and we were playing kiss chasey

my first real kiss was on my second date with my husband and i'll never forget it

on our first date it took us an hour to hold hands

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Eeeheehee some of these are so sweet Aren't you all cute people!?
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I was dating this boy at intermediate (middle) school. HIs name was Andrew and his best friend dared us to kiss at school, so we took the bait and by the time we finished (yes, it was a good, long one) half of the school was watching, including some teachers. So we were summoned to the principals office.

Andrew died 5 years later. Dumb drugs took his life.
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Awww...what a cute thread!

Anyways....I had kisses before, but I count one as my first kiss. It was the first time my then boyfriend (soon to be husband) kissed. We had been dating for 2 months, and it took him that long to get up the nerve to kiss me. It took him 3 years to confess that he wanted to be with me. He told me that I was so beautiful (yeah, okay!) and that when he was near me he couldn't breathe, and a girl like me gets what I want when I want it and I was so out of his league. He said he feared rejection, but told me anyways. He always said you can't lose what you never had. And we kissed. *sigh* He still gives me chills when he kisses me!
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Ugh, my first kiss....was 18...away from home at college...went out on a date with a guy that I hardly knew.......he kissed me (french) and wanted to make out in the mall parking lot......I refused, and took me forever to enjoy being french kissed!
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Originally Posted by ilovejoelyo
his nose + my eye = me pretending that it never happend

I honestly dont remember my first kiss(serious or unserious)... i am racking my brain... guess it wasnt anything special... either that, or it was too traumatic and i blocked it

Sorry guys, i wish i had a good first kiss story! I have enjoyed reading yall's though!

I would substitute a 'best kiss', but i dont think i have had that yet either... i have had some pretty scary ones though
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I was 13. His name was Brian. Our church youth group set up a hay ride for Holloween instead of trick or treat. Boy he knock my socks off. Butterflys in my stomach and everything. Never really happened again until I met my husband in High School. He still knocks my socks off after 18yrs.
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I can't remember when my first kiss was... like peck probably a random guy

but my first real kiss with tongue, that was with my current boyfriend..Trent! (oh aged 13?)
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I was 13...my best friend had a party and set up a game of Truth or Dare, in which he was going to dare this boy to kiss me. Well, make a long story short, we were both insanely nervous, and went to a dark corner of his yard. Two of my girlfriends mimed playing violins to help "set the mood". Heh. Just a cute little peck. We went out for 2 years and then remained friends. We're still friends to this day, actually.
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OOOOh, I almost forgot, but all this talk about innocent pecks reminded me:
My FIRST kiss from a boy was in first grade, Danny Burwell. We were sitting on the sidewalk at recess with our heads together, planning how we were going to run away and get married. Teacher caught us and made us sit, SEVERAL feet apart, on the curb and watch the other children play for the rest of recess!!
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aaaww that's cute!!
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