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Procrastination Strikes Again!

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You guys, I am SO bad. You would think that I'd learn, but every year I do it again. I do all the bookkeeping here at work, on top of doing just about everything else. So I stay pretty busy (especially with checking this site constantly!) and sometimes I put things off to do later when I'm feeling especially overwhelmed. Well... I have put off doing the general ledgers for the business.... ALL YEAR. Not just for a month. Not just for a quarter. FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.

Yes, you read that right, I do this EVERY year. Then in December I freak out and have to try to do an entire year's worth of Balance Sheets and General Ledgers and Profit & Loss Statements in a matter of weeks.

Why do I do this? Why, oh why do I put myself through this? And am I the only one that does things like this? Hmmmm? Come on, people. Tell me the WORST you've ever procrastinated and if it's as bad as this. Maybe that'll make me feel better....

And maybe it'll give me something besides all this paperwork to do... :LOL:
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Well, my procrastination involves my house. We bought our current house in Feb of 2001. When we moved in, we did a general cleaning and got everything organized. I said that once we were settled, I wanted to start to do painting and "thourough" cleaning ( like taking down the ceiling fans, etc ). Well, here it is December, and I haven't done a darn thing!!! I even bought the paint to do the bathroom and it is sitting in the basement!! I am so mad at myself for not being more motivated but it seems like the days just get away from me and the time is flying!! I have so many projects I want to tackle, and I haven't done that many except for a few "much needed" ones that I couldn't procrastinate about. I can sympathize with you Jin!!
So, my new years resolution is to get stuff done in my HOUSE!!!!
Anyone else procrastinate??
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One of the worst times for me was in college. We were assigned the book 'On the beach' by Nevil Shute and we had to do a 10 page paper on it. The professor told us the first day of class that it was going to be due by the end of the semester, so we could get a head start on it.

Well I put it off for 3 months (the entire semester) the final class fell on a monday and the paper was due by 11pm, that night (for those of us REALLY behind). So that saturday (2 days before it was due) I picked the book up. I ended up reading the first 100 and the last 100 pages. On monday I spent the day writing the paper, finished it around 10pm, then scrambled to find a fax machine (this was 1994 ) finally found one, and I faxed it to his office at 10:45 pm. Talk about cutting it close!

BTW, I ended up getting a B!
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I can think of one thing that really irked me, because I felt terrible after it happened and that was when I procrastinated getting my Ninya spayed! She got out and BAM! So, that's the worst time I can think of offhand...I hated that soooo bad, cause I get so attached to the kittens. This time I couldn't, which didn't make it any easier to give them away because of the guilt...I sure learned my lesson

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I procrastinate when it comes to doing housework. I always want to get my cleaning routine better organized so I can get the bigger cleaning jobs done more often. I keep putting off getting organized.
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Oh my, I absolutely put off shopping until we are out of everything! I hate to shop with at passion. Yep thats right....a female that hates shopping!

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Ok seems lame I guess....but with me its the ironing...... I just keep chucking clothes in the washing machine and yank them out (when they're done drying of course)......and then I just chuck 'em on the spare bed!!! Last night I finally got round to doing some, but it took me ages cos I kept saying..."oh I'll just have a quick cup of coffee...then I'll get back to it" and..."oooo I like this programme....I'll do some more when its finished" I ended up doing about three pairs of jeans and about 5 t-shirts.....so I still have a huge pile waiting for me on the spare bed we're quickly running out of things to wear....*sigh*
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BODLOVER..... I will make a deal with you I will iron your clothes if you will go to the grocery and Walmart for me.

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I hate folding clothes. I don't mind washing them, but I'll leave them for a week before I fold - them they have to go back in the dryer to get some of the wrinkles out.
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Meme!!!! DEAL!!!!! Yipeeeeee!!! By the way, Im going on holiday Friady - ALL my clothes and I mean ALL of them need ironing.....shall I send them along?!!!
(I looooooove shopping....you might wanna check the recipts I give ya though, cos Im terrible for slipping in extras!! mmmmm biscuits)
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Sure Bod sent them all! I dont mind ironing at all. Ummm think after you do my shopping you could put the lights on the xmas tree. My how I hate to do that part of the decorating!

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Fine by me!! ha ha ha ha... I'll just warn you though.. I do have a tendancy to be a little dangerous with that kinda thing....hee hee

Just thought this link was applicable.... http://www.ucomics.com/garfield/viewga.htm
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Cute comic Bod.... well I have to go to walmart. UCK
My daughter "borrowed" some of my decoration because she couldnt find what she wanted in Germany so now I dont have enough for the tree. Gee I thought when the kids grew up I wouldnt have to do all this anymore. WRONG Now its for the grand kids! Sigh

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*Jin shuffles papers until she is barely visible between mountains of paperwork*

Hi guys! Guess what? I went home early last night! :LOL: Like I'm ever going to get this done! HA! So far today I've managed to write everything down manually on a balance sheet... but OF COURSE it doesn't balance. Woohoo! I love the stress!! :disturbed:

Airprincess ~ I've done that sort of thing before in school, but not quite that bad!! You must have been stressed to the max!!!

dtolle ~ I have one of those house projects of my own going on... but I'd really hate for you all to think I procrastinate with EVERYTHING, so I won't relate that story.

Bodlover and Meme, I'm so glad you're able to help each other out! That's so nice. Hmmmm.... anyone want to do my year's worth of accounting? I do dishes....
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Oh sooooo sorry Jin would help you but it would be next year before I could balance anything! My math is lousy to say the least.
But wishing you luck and hope you get it done soon.
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