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Race for the big cats

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Something simple all can to do help our big cats.
It will take you less than 1 minute - promise

Just go to the below site

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Done!!! I got a litle carried away and clicked on each one about 50 times!! ha ha ha...oh well, hope they all worked!
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Cool I've been a member for three years now That's a great site and they even have the best e-cards too!

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Its a great site, I clicked until my fingers got tired
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I think you can click once a day only.
This is a great cause and I was going to post a link here, but Hell beat me to it
I have mine set up so they send me an email every day so I don't forget to visit and click.
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I used to have them do it, now I don't even do a thing before I go there in the morning...that's the first thing I've done for the past three years! haha! First it started with just the Rainforest, then they put the Big Cats in, then the Pandas, now, the Fight for Breast Cancer. That was an easy enough climb, they have to put more levels on that one, but I just keep clickin' anyway...I love the site! I put it up here a while ago, but this time it seems to be generating more interest. That makes me smile!

Love & Hugs,
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Thanks for the soar fingers and your kind hearts.
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thanks for the site...I clicked from home computer and I will go into the office soon and click from all the different computers there - I think we have about 30
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Amanda :laughing2

You're so cool! That'a girl!

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