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I realized that although my boys are only 1 year old, I actually missed the kitten craziness in the house.

Now that Ivory has run of the house, it brings a big smile when I see her ripping through the place like hell on wheels, before colapsing into a tired heap of baby fuzz on the floor.
She's even gotten Vash to regress in age by a few months and he joins her on her rampages. He even lets her pin him and win their their 'battles' with each other.

Anyone else have any cute kitten/cat activities that they can't help but crack a huge smile about?
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Festie loves laundry. Today she laid next to a pile of folded shirts on the love seat. Fest started out curled up real tight, but as she relaxed and slept, she kept stretching out. Finally, she shoved the stack of clean shirts onto the floor!
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I can't wait to get two Siamese kittens to add to the menagerie. They'll be hell on wheels and chatty monsters for sure... can't wait!
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kittens sleep differnt then older cats IMO. Just the way they cuddle is different, but my baylee is 2 i think and she still sleeps like a kitten
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I love kittens especially around the other cats. They just seem to bring out the kitten in the older ones.. I keep asking Chucky if he wants a new baby in the house hehehehe.

"Chucky want a new kidden, awww Chucky wants a new kidden doesn't he LOL. My hubby says AH OH!!! Everytime I say that to Chucky.. He knows I am hinting..
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I've never had kittens. At my age, I don't think I could cope with their activity level any more than I could cope with a baby or toddler in the house constantly. But what brings a smile to my face is seeing how young Sheba (whom I got last September at about age one) has made middle-age Red Cat and Purdy feel young again! Red Cat and Purdy, both about age nine now, were enemies until I took Purdy, the stray, in several years ago. Eventually they learned to tolerate each other and would occasionally play, but it is nothing like Sheba with the boys. Sheba and Red Cat took a liking to each other right away, and now groom each other, though they never cuddle together. It took far longer for Purdy to accept her. But it fun to see the normally inactive Red Cat and Purdy chase or be chased by Sheba. My, what a good looking young female does to the old boys!
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Heres just a few of Sophie

I'd better stop because i'm getting carried away
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Awww susan.. how lovely. I've never know 'the kitten stage'..
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Peekaboo!!!!! It is so sweet to see them together like that! I am sure no one cares if you get carried away cos the pics are sooooo cute

Originally Posted by rosiemac
Heres just a few of Sophie

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