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Stinky Bum Help

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this fabulous forum so please forgive me if I'm repeating a common health question. I'll make sure to read all other previous posts to see if my questions have been answered.

However, I've just brought home my 8 week old kitten and over the last few days I've noticed a bad feces oriented smell coming from it's rear end. It goes to the bathroom fine, solid feces and normal urination, but it's bum really stinks afterwards. I see it cleaning itself but still no remedy to the smell. Any tips or concerns I should be aware of in looking after this problem?
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You might look into "anal gland". I have no idea if kittens that young have that kind of problem, though. But a bad smell coming from the back end when poops are normal might be anal gland secretion. Normally you'd see a thick, yellowish/brownish transluclent liquid, but the cat might have licked that off (as it should). Anyway, research it and see if maybe that's what you're smelling.
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What are you feeding this kitten? Has the kitten been to the vet yet to be checked over?
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Well I've been feeding it exactly what it was being fed at the local spca/petcetera. The adoption specialist told me to continue feeding it whatever they have been feeding it to prevent the cat from getting sick from a transition to different foods.

As for the anal gland concept, I will definitely get it checked out. I am scheduled to see the vet for a check up this week.

Any other comments or advice on this matter is very much appreciated from others who have experienced this. Thanks everyone.
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Could it be intestinal gas and he's just plain, well.....farting?

Sometimes cats can have a sensitivity to some foods, or to changes in food, which cause gas and smelly poop. Also known to cause vomitting and diahrrea, which thank goodness your doesn't have. The food he was fed at the shelter wasn't necessarily what he was used to, either.
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When I adopted my cat from the shelter she had this same problem. The vet felt it was a combo of worms and a change in diet from the shelter. Five months later we rarely smell anything.
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Well I just brought my kitten back from the vet's office. He said that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her and that I should maybe try giving her a bath with some cat shampoo. She checked out fine for her check-up. Thanks for all of your tips and advice. I'll keep you posted on how she smells after the bath.

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That's good news!! Have fun with the bath!! Send us a post from the hospital!!

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