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Mr.Piss joins TheCatSite

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Hello I’m one of those people who recently brought a stray into my home and I’m having difficulty with him because he will urinate anywhere in the house, hence the name I chouse Mr.Piss. Hopefully any advice I can find here will help me through my troubles with my newest companion.
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I suggest a vet visit. He could have a urinary tract infection, which would be causing him to avoid the litter box. Is he spraying or just wetting, so to speak? Spraying would be on vertical surfaces, like walls.
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You didn't give any details. After ruling out a health problem, it's a matter of detective work to figure out why your new cat isn't using the litter box. There's a lot of information available online and here in the forum. You might try googling on "inappropriate elimination cat" or "cat litterbox problems"
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Details are important. Is the cat neutered or a tomcat? Is he spraying- standing against a wall, quivering his tail and letting loose or is he squatting and peeing small amounts? Is he using the litter pan at all and do you have two litter pans for him to use? A vet visit is always advisable for litter pan accidents to rule out a health issue first before searching elsewhere.
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If he is not neutered and spraying, neutering him may help to curb his need to mark his new territory, but it isn't a 100% effective cure for it. You are very nice to want to help this boy and I wish you the best of luck with him.

First things first, though.

A vet visit for a thorough exam including bloodwork, urinalysis and fecal exam - have him vaccinated and if he isn't already, also have him neutered as soon as possible. You will also want to have this kitty tested for the known and common feline viruses.

If we can be of further assistance, let us know.

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Mr. Piss, welcome to the website. I have nothing to add to the advice youve already been given, but I hope you can figure it out soon. Please do listen to the others and get him checked out at the vets.
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If a vet visit rules out any medical issues, you might want to reintroduce him to the house. Start by keeping him in one room (the one with the litterbox). Slowly let him explore other rooms.
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