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A message to any non breeder who wants

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To breed thier cat but doesnt have any experience with it,please get them fixed.

When people kept telling me that I used to even though my cats pregnancy was a result of her escaping a few days before she was getting done,I wish to god I had done it the minute she was old enough,I hope this thread doesnt cause trouble,we just lost another kitten,3 died one has survived,it remains to be seen if this one will live,but the one that died did have a few problems and it was the one she tried to eat.

If you do not know what you are doing you do not know if your cat can cope with birth you do not know the signs of a dying kitty,she died when all looked well last night,I feel awful for putting all these lifes at stake,so if you are like me and think its ok to breed them when you are not a breeder please think again,I would not wish what ive just been through on anyone or anyones cat.

Bono (yes thats the kittys names LOL it was born the day before we went to see U2 ) seems well,it was always the most lively one,Im so scared Ill lose it,I freak out when I see dead animals,I cant pick them up,im scared for the kitty and myself,but all does seem well and like I said she did try to kill that one.

So I urge you to get yours done,like I said I used to think ppl who told me how important it was were just trying to scare me,I thought I knew what I was doing,sure most births go well,so im not trying to scare anyone,also if you havent took your pregnant cat to the vets,do it now,Ive lost three little lifes,I feel bad,I done my best,I took them to the vets,It would not have survived no matter what I had done but I feel awful for the whole thing,IfI got her done as a kitty it would have been ok,BTW she is an indoor cat,a indoor cat WILL get out when in heat,so dont think if its an indoor cat thats reason not to get it fixed,that was my plan and its all gone wrong
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Originally Posted by pepsi
I feel awful for putting all these lifes at stake,so if you are like me and think its ok to breed them when you are not a breeder please think again,I would not wish what ive just been through on anyone or anyones cat.
Pepsi, try not to beat yourself up over this too bad. You may have made a mistake but it wasn't a wasted mistake if you learned from it, was it? I know that may sound a little harsh right now but you really can't change what happened. I am so sorry you have lost your kittens.
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Thankyou,kitty still doing well lets hope that it will survive,if three died whats the chances Bono will? actually im not sure I want to know,Ive made sure to keep my kids away,I dont want them attached to it until Im sure its going to live,maybe I should change its name LOL
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Look at it positively - you have one kitten, and your experience will help others, those on this board and any other people you share with. Life has a way of turning things around. And it happens - we all do things, whether by accident or on purpose, that we find later to be wrong.
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Thank you for sharing this on this board. I hope little Bono stays strong. As I have read this board, I wondered if there was any way to help people avoid this mistake before making it. It is so painful to lose a kitten, and the health problems possible in the Momma cat are real.

You posted what I have been wishing could be said. Thank you for taking time from your grief to educate us all.

Condolences on your losses of those tiny babies. I, too, know how heartbreaking it can be!
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I too thank you for sharing this. And please don't be too hard on yourself. I know people sometimes think we are being too harsh in our lecturing about spaying your Queens and neutering Toms. But unless you are an experienced breeder and show your cats, it really is back yard breeding with all that entails. And so many, like you, do it with the best of intentions. I am so sorry for the loss of your kittens and admire for having the courage to share your story. I hope it will inspire others! And give yourself a pat on the back!!
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Thank you for shareing. and I hope little Bono stays strong. I think thats a good name. Bono is a strong guy, and a good roll model.
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Everyone makes mistakes, and that is how we learn. Early on when I started rescuing, I had a litter of orphaned babies, there were six of them. I was so freaked, had no idea what I was doing way back then. There were no resources to help- no internet, the vets just dismissed me. Oy vey, the mistakes I made and the precious lives lost because of them.

Fading Kitten just happens. Your kitten can be thriving one minute, and failing the next. Now you know why this board pushes so hard to spay and neuter- because this type of scenario should not happen to anyone. It is hard on the heart of the caretaker and devastating to the momcat.

Cherish the little one left in your care, and keep positive thoughts that he will survive even though his siblings did not.
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We got Billy neutered days too late... never wanted to spay CJ. She had a litter of 3 beautiful, and what I thought was healthy kittens. My little kitten boy was the plumpest, strongest, healthiest looking kitten of them all. One night, he just wouldn't eat, had a slow heart rate, and was very weak. I knew he was going to die. I stayed up most the night... getting up every 20 minutes to check on him... the next morning his heart rate was up a hair, and he seemed a little better. I had some hope..... but then I checked on him, and he was cold.... still alive, but cold. He died that afternoon. He was buried outside with his 2 cousins. I was so upset that I couldn't save him... I couldn't help him.... I just couldn't. His two cousins, I had managed to gather myself together and bury them... but I just couldn't with him.... I just couldn't. I felt so horrible... it was my fault, was how I felt. And it didn't help the fact that my g-pa, a very old fashion guy, was telling me it was indeed my fault for letting CJ get pregnant. I was a mess. But then I realized that I couldn't save him, but I can still save Annie, who has a disease. I really thought I'd loose her, too.... really did. When I called my mom and told her my little boy kitten died, she thought I was gonna tell her Annie died. But Annie has made it to 10 weeks now, and the outlook is good. Sure, she may hold her head ****-eyed, is shakey, and stumbles, and may be deaf, but I still love her... she's my little baby. But she's alive... she made it! You kitty might just be like little Annie or Mirah, who is completely normal and healthy (and fat!)! I can't stand CJ's heat anymore, and she's getting spayed as soon as it is possible.
I get to keep Annie, and Mirah will be going to a great home. I miss little Limeny , and I know it's hard, but it will continue.... it will go on. I learned, and I know you learned the same lesson... it'll take time, but you'll get over it. And in the meanwhile, we're all here for you.

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