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My Trixie Pixie Pie!

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Mom thinks I have the prettiest eyes..........

WHAT? I wasn't going to unroll the toilet paper Mum, really!

Why is the world suddenly red? (she was sitting behind one of her poppa's red lenses for the fire truck)

I feel like I"m on tv playing in my box!

I am not coming out from under my chair until Tiggy stops messing with me!

Anyone have any extra belly scritches?

I am not annoyed.........just can I have my treat?

Ok, here's my profile Mom. What do you mean I have big ears too!?

shhhhh, I'm hiding!

Don't tell Tiggy I'm under the bed!

I'm just sitting in the window, waiting for my birdie friends to come by.

bath time......a girl can never have enough baths........unlike my smelly brother!

Another shot of her beautiful eyes......

Thanks for looking!
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She does have big beautiful eyes!! Ah...the better to see you with my dear

I love the shot of her laying on her back....let's you know how much she trusts when they do that.

She is a pretty one!!
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Awwww... Trixie sweetie, you're such a beautiful girl!
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And another pretty girl!! Especially like that last one, Sooz. Her eyes are lovely.
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Susie, she has so much puuuursonality - all your kitties do! They must take after their mum, ya think???? How adorable she is!
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Awwww pretty green eyed Trixie!

She's such a sweetie pie
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What a sweetie pie!!!
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I Trixie!
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awww, Trixie you are soo beautiful!! I love seeing pictures of you!! You look like you could be Rocky's sibling!!!
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Awww, Trixie is gorgeous! My favourite is the hiding pic, she has the cutest expression in that one!
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What a beautiful green Flower do you have dear Susie!!
Can I bring her to my home?...uh?.............
Nicely tread of the Pixie Pie! ...
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Wow, I totally love this kitties eyes . They are huge - Beautiful kitty thanks for sharing your pictures
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Love all the pics!!! She sure does move around quite a bit!!! LOL
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Trixie is BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish my eyes were that color!!!
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I love all the pics Susie, but especially that last one!

Thanks for sharing!
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
I Trixie!
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Wow she could be cj's mommy. Its amazing how much those two look alike. By saying that I think she is beautiful because I think my baby boy is beautiful. Her eyes look so much alike CJ's. Thanks so much for sharing.
post #19 of 19 have beautiful eyes & I would love to kiss your sweet tabby tummy.
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