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New babies!

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Well, this is my second litter in about three months. Tinkerbelle had hers in April, and my baby, Annabelle, just had hers three days ago. Tinkerbelle and her babies are in good homes, my boyfriend has Tink and one of her babies, Ears.

I was babysitting Ears for my bf, well..fiance now ...Ears was having problems with fleas on his tail. Anyhoo...Wednesday I had to work and I normally get up at 8:45 am. I was awakened by whining and looked over to see ears with his back to me, I told him to hush since I thought he was whining and he turned around and looked at me like I was stupid. I looked down at the floor and a little black kitten with the placenta sac still attached was crawling around on the floor! Annabelle was in labor!

By 9:00 am, Annabelle had delivered four kittens, but she wasnt eating the placenta nor cutting the cord like she was supposed to, so I had to do it, which I didn't mind.

By 9:30, Annabelle had another kitten. I had to go to work and asked my mother to watch over my baby and her new litter. At 4:30 my mom called me at work and told me that Annabelle had delivered a 6th kitten but that it was born with a hole in its stomach and died. My question to that is, is something like that normal with a first time mother? Maybe there wasnt enough room for the poor thing to develop properly?

Anyways, despite a long and im sure hard labor, Annabelle and her babies are doing wonderfully. Three of them have the calico coloring, one is white and beige, and the last one is black with a calico colored tail. I have pics, but I dont know how to post them on here!
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Congrats on the healthy kittens, I'm sorry you lost one. I don't know why one was born with a hole in its stomach. That is so sad. I hope the rest stay healthy and strong.
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