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Hey everyone Tehya's kittens are now at the age where they need to be socialized with people and other cats. I've chosen which of our other 3 cats I'll introduce first, but how do I proceed in doing this? Do I take mom out of the room, and put Sierra (she's probably about 11 years old, Persian very sweet-natured) in the box with the kittens? Do I let mom stay? Tehya is a first (and only) time mom, so I'm worried if she does stay in the room she might get protective and chase Sierra away. Any advice for "socialization time"? Thanks!
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I'm not sure, but it makes sense to me to leave Tehya with the kittens, and see if she will let Sierra in.
My kittens turned 4 weeks old yesterday, and it is surprising how much more active they are at 4 weeks than 3 weeks. I don't think it will hurt anything if Sierra won't let other cats near her kittens yet. Are you spending time with them? Keep socializing them to people. I think by them playing together, they are socializing to cats. You do not want to upset Tehya and make her uncomfortable, so let her set the pace IMO.
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