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Cat Memory?

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I'm not really sure where to post this, so here seems like a good starting place...fel free to move it!


I have to be gone for 3.5 weeks and am leaving Leo with my parents/sister. I've heard stories about cats only having memories that last about 2 weeks. Is this true? Is Leo not going to remember me when I get back?

I'm a little worried about that. Any pointer?
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I am not sure, I know that someone will be along to answer you with more knowledge then I would have I am only speaking from experience with my girl Titden. Titden is actually my sisters cat. My sister has not been around for a while because of having a baby and all.. She has only been around about 4 maybe 5 times in the last 6 - 7 months - When she does come around Titden does remember her. She gets all lovey dovey, meows - cuddles, purrs so it seems like she does remember her fine enough.. I am not sure really it just seems that way.
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I think cats have a normal memory...just like people. My grandmas kitten fell down her stairs once and for the longest time wouldnt go near the stairs after that. it never would have if i didnt carry it down the staris one time when i was younger and it made its own way back upp, realized stairs are not evil and is just fine now.

My cat used to have to be on a leash when i took her outside. Now shes fine without it, but the newer cat needs it , and whenever the older cat sees the leash she gets very excited and runs to the door.

Im sure your kitty will remember you :-D they cant ever forget the people who love them... the kitty may be a little distant for a while though when you get back. That tends to be more of a im mad at you for leaving thing though, but they are fine after a day or so.
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Just to add my $.02 my babies still remembered my ex, when she came back to visit over a year later.
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2 weeks?? HA! Cats have good memories, when they want to remember it. For instance, Ophelia has this toy that was hers (Trent had a similar one). We lost Chicken for a while....for quite a while. I hadn't seen Chicken for at least 6 months. Well, yesterday we found Chicken again, and as soon as she saw it her eyes lit up. But when Trent was trying to play with it, she did get pretty protective of her Chicken. I'm sure some would write it off as coincidence, that it was just because she liked that type of toy, but I really think she remembered her toy.

I'll move this to Behavior.
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Cats are noted for having wonderful memories, much better memories than dogs in fact! They can recall events that happened to them as kittens!!

They do learn to know people however with their sense of smell and even though I doubt she will forget you, you might want to make sure you leave much stuff aroiund with your scent - you know how some cats reject their "brothers and sisters" when they return from a vet visit because they do not smell the same.
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