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Need some advice

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I trapped a feral cat and the vet wasn't able to get them in right away for spay and neuter so it is in my home at this time. In the past, I've always been able to re-trap the cats; but this one is determined not to be re-trapped. I want to get him in to have him spayed and neutered and vaccinated. I asked my vet about putting some kind of sedative into his food so that he could be caught; but the vet didn't seem to be in favor of that. Any advice about what I might try?
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First of all Kudo's to you for helping these poor babes.
Thank you for having such concern and such a good heart!
I do not know if this would help, but there is a product called Dr. Bach's Rescue Remedy that the girls talk about here. It is supposed to aid in calming down the cat. 4 drops in his food should do the trick, so I understand. I bought some at the local health food store to seee if it will help when I do a trapping here - but have not used it yet. It cost me 10 dollars. I think you said the cat is INSIDE the house? Confined to a room?
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I was just going to suggest Bachs Rescue Remedy! It is a natural product so won't have side effects - other than what it is meant to do!! You can buy it from lots of superstores and health shops, or if its any easier, Homeopaths(sp?) and Aromatherapists will also stock it. Let us know how it goes!! Listen to Debra - shes "feral catching queen"!! hee hee
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Thanks. I'll see if I can locate it here and give it a try. He's such a sweet cat and my cats enjoy going into the room and visiting him; but he drives my females cats crazy if I don't confine him to a room, plus he wants to spray all over the house, etc. If I can just get him taken care of, he can be out amongst the other cats. I just don't want to get scratched to pieces trying to catch him. My vet suggested throwing a blanket over him and using that to get him into a carrier; but unless I can calm him down, I don't think that will work. He's pretty wild. So I'll try the remedy and let you know what happens.
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That on some cats, it won't work, and some it works like a charm. If he is confined in a room then stop feeding him for about a day and a half, then push a bowl of wet food into the room laced with the rescue remedy. If it will work you will know in 30 minutes, but please don't approach him like you would a domestic no matter how laid back he is. Use a blanket or towel, wear gloves if you have them and be safe. Also having help will not hurt. To prevent him from struggling while wrapped in a towel, dribble some sardine oil into the towel, it distracts them, but please don't get bit. Good luck!
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Linda - what's the news on your feral boy?
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Nothing yet. I'm going to see if I can find that Rescue Remedy when I drive into town to shop this weekend. Right now he's out loose with my other cats. My Christmas present to him...he likes being out amongst the other cats and was giving me a very sad look...right now he's behaving himself. If he starts picking on my other males or bugging the females then he'll have to go back to his room. Otherwise, I'll wait until I'm ready to try catching him again. My vet's going to be taking some vacation time next week and so they won't be able to take him in the office next week. They probably won't be able to take him until the first of the year, so that's when I'll likely try to catch him again. Have a Merry Christmas.
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Sounds like he is trying to fit right in there!
Let me know how you make out!?!
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