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Hello Everybody!

I just wanted to introduce myself. I have one male baby kitty named Pluto. He's about 15 weeks now. I've grown up with cats all my life and now I finally have time for one of my own. Having Pluto has been quite a learning experience for me and I'm so glad I've found this website. It has a lot of information especially on behavior that I've found quite helpful.

The only thing I've read that I really dont agree with is in that article, entitled along the lines of "punishment and cats don't mix". I use the squirt water bottle method to keep my little kitty off the counter and from behind the TV (which are dangerous places). Just a couple of squirts and he now knows those are off limits. I only had to use it a few times for it to stick. In my opinion it is completely humane, safe, and my cat is very happy. Of course this method has to be used appropriately and when the cat isn't acting out because of medical reasons, etc. I've talked to my vet, and my father who is also a vet and they both advocate this method. It just works!

Anyway this site is fantastic! And everyone here seems so knowledgable. Thank you!

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Welcome to TCS to you and Pluto!
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Welcome to TCS !

Enjoy your stay!
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Welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy your time here!
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Hi welcome to TCS.. you guys will love it here.. we are all happy to have you and you kitty here...
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS!
With my cats, a firm NO, a stare, and a hiss from me works better. Disciplining them in their language, the way they can understand, is most natural.
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Welcome and nice to you meet you
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums...
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Hello and welcome, you will have a lot of fun here.
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Welcome to the CatSite, GoKittyGo!

I agree with you about the squirt bottle, it's a harmless way of expressing displeasure with certain behaviors. I prefer it to a raised voice or anything else that might occur under ordinary circumstances and be confusing.
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Hi GoKittyGo!!

Welcome! I agree with you about the spray bottle but our cats are so spoiled. They climb over everything and Basia sleeps on the stove. I took off the stove handles and everything and I never use the oven so it's okay. The burners are always covered too. The other cats want no part of it. Once in a great while they will hop up on the refrigerator or counter but they usually don't mess with anything.

My husband DaddyCat and I have four kitties, Dubya, Basia, Jewel and Tiger. If you look at DaddyCat in this newbies site, you will see the pictures of them. I'm going to post more pictures under my signature later on. Our first kitty was Basia who is a domestic short haired van pattern kitty and she's 4 years old. I went to the animal shelter in Detroit with a friend on our lunch hour and BAM!! She picked me out and I couldn't resist! She was so adorable and when I held her, she curled up into my arms and wouldn't let go. The vet tech had a hard time getting her from me.

Dubya was adopted at Serenity Veternarian Hospital about one week later. We decided Basia needed company. The one thing I liked about Dubya right away is that he played by himself. All the other cats wanted our attention but here was this little orange and white tabby playing by himself and ignoring us. We had to have them. When Basia first met him she was annoyed but soon they were great pals!!

We were a two kitty household for 3 1/2 years until we spotted a Detroit Animal Shelter Van on our way home from PetSmart. Oh well, we figured we would just go and look around.....oh no......there was Jewel....all white with one blue eye and one amber eye....pawing at me and wanting to play. She is so adorable. We walked out of the van and talked about it and went right back in and adopted her on the spot!! She got along famously with the other cats right away and she is so sweet!

We said no more...3 was enough cats for anyone....until Tiger came along. It was a cold and windy evening and I was coming out of the apt. when I noticed a little kitty hiding underneath my car and kneading the ground. I called to her but she wouldn't come. I ran back in the house and told my husband to get some food and water. We ran outside and fed her but she wouldn't come close to us. There was nothing we could do but feed her and give her water. Every night for the next three nights she came in front our apt. at exactly 7 p.m. The third night it was so cold you couldn't stand it. Poor Tiger couldn't keep her little paws on the ground. We brought out a big cage and put food in it. She willingly went into the cage and we managed to trap her and bring her in. She didn't like it too much and went crazy for about 10 minutes but we managed to calm her down and took turns staying with her and playing with her and made a comfy bed in the bathtub for her. She was satisfied and most of all warm!!!

We kept her in the bathroom away from the other cats for 3 days and then gently introduced her to the others. It worked. She is a shy cat and doesn't like strangers which leads us to believe that our Tiger was abandoned by someone. Who knows why but we are glad they did because she is the most loveable kitty in the whole world!!! We wouldn't trade her of any our kitties for millions of dollars!!! don't we sound like nutty cat people?? Oh well, who cares!! As long as we are all happy, that is what counts!

Welcome again and I hope you have a catfanstic day
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hello and welcome!!!

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