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send good vibes...

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my way!! i start my new job on monday and am a bit nervous.. i hope i like it and catch on quick!!! lol also ill need sleep vibes ive got insomnia and usually cant sleep until 2am... i have to get up at about 6 so this just wont work if i cant sleep!!! ill fall asleep on my nice dell keyboard! haha
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Wishing you lots of luck and hoping you get a very good nights sleep before the big day.

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Good luck and sweet dreams! Good vibes are being sent your way!
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Sending lots of good vibes your way... Get some good ZZZZ's you will need them.. Good luck to you
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I am sure it will be fine, but I will keep my fingers crossed for you on Monday!
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I'm guessing that it is 2.30am for you as I'm writing this and you're not logged on so, YEAH you're sleeping GOOD LUCK for your first day (and I hope you really are getting a good night's sleep).

Lots of vibes coming to you from across the pond.
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You're going to do great, Stacy!Sure hope you're able to sleep peacefully so you feel great on your first day! Look forward to hearing all about it!
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Vibe-o-ramma to you Stacy!
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Good Luck!
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Good luck with the new job, Stacy!
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Best of luck in your new job tomorrow, Stacy. They are lucky to have you!
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good luck with your new job sleep tight tonight and don't let the critters bite
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Good luck tomorrow, Stacy. I'm sure you'll do wonderfully! And lots of sleep vibes coming your way!
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thanks all i sure need it!! i could sleep right now because my sometime to be father in law just got me tipsy... hmmm.. i hope im ok to drive home at 10!!! Im sure ill be find by then but now i could go for a nap... hahaha my aunt was telling me today our boss (she'll be out on the floor in the fabric section) likes to yell around.. greeeeat. Ill update you all when I get over here to johns tomorrow night.. Im going to be beat. lol Im going to miss being home all day with my kittys though.
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